Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 1st January 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Keith telling Yug that he is doing the same mistake again and interfering in someone else matter. Yug says I should ask the same question with you and says since you came here, everything is messed up. Keith looks angrily and asks him to control his tongue. He asks him to think where he will go when he kicks her out of the ghosty haveli. He asks if he will sleep on the street. Yug looks on and says lets see if you can buy that house or not. Keith pats on his shoulder and says you are still young. Yug gets scared at the thought of losing Palekar Mansion and wonders what to do. Veronica asks Lawyer if he have any other work. Lawyer says no and leaves. Veronica asks Sophia where she is going with the keys. Sophia says my Papa had left it for me. Veronica says I want to know what peter had left for you. Sophia says I don’t know. Veronica says it is yours and you can keep it. Just as Sophia is about to go, Veronica takes the keys and says you can’t open this locker. She slaps Sophia. Amy comes and asks what she is doing? Veronica is about to slap Amy, but Sophia stops her and says she didn’t see a bad woman like her. Veronica says we could have asked your Papa and says he is dead. Amy asks Veronica why she is doing this. Veronica says she hates Sophia. Amy says you are a devil mom. Veronica says she doesn’t care and pushes Amy. Later she keeps the keys in the cupboard. Amy sees her keeping the keys.

Radha and Suraj are worried. Suraj says someone is threatening to buy and burn our house, and says how to stop him. Ria asks him to do something. Dadi says this house is mine and says my arthi will leave from here. Radha says I came here as a new bride, and you did my aarti. Suraj says I still remember that day. Suraj and Radha have an eye lock. Ishaan and Ria smiles. Radha says even Ishaan and Radha are born here. They reminiscences their stay in the house as alive. Suraj misses his dad. Ishaan misses his girl friends and says I used to bring them here. Ria says I have many memories with this house, and when that devil Keith burns this house, then where we will go. Yug comes home. Ria wipes her tears.

Veronica is scared. Keith asks her not to panic and get scared. He says I am worried about that locker and wonders what is kept in that locker. Veronica says Peter’s dead wife might have kept jewellery for Sophia. Keith says he might have kept documents in the locker. Veronica says Peter used to love me and never doubted on me. She says you are Keith Adams and not Kishore Kadam. Keith asks her to go and check the locker. Veronica asks him to relax.

Sophia cries. Amy comes to her and asks if she can do anything for her. Sophia asks what wrong did I do, and says her mum’s memories might be in the locker. Amy asks her to stop crying. Sophia says I used to be princess of the house, and now I have become servant. She says Veronica has insulted Yug and thrown him out of house, I couldn’t do anything. Amy says even I couldn’t anything. I don’t know what has happened to her and cries. Sophia asks her not to cry. Amy says I can do something and tells about the idea. She says I can help you meet Yug, when mom goes out. Sophia hugs her happily. Amy says mom didn’t see my will power.

Yug tells the ghost family that keith want to buy this house and burn it just because of him. Ishaan says I would have slap him. Yug says keith was sitting like a eagle and I gave him a warning. He apologizes. Ria, Ishaan, Radha, Suraj and everyone say that they are together and deal with him. Yadav says we are not 6, but 7. Ria says we will kick Keith and make him remember his nani. They promise to deal with Keith.

Amy sees veronica coming and asks where she is going? Veronica says she is going out and says she will come late. She asks her to go with friends and gives her money. Amy says I will take Sophia also. Veronica gets angry and asks why she is softening towards Sophia. She asks her to come and says lets see what she will do today. She goes to Sophia’s room. Veronica asks if she is having water in her room. Sophia says yes. Veronica locks her in the room, and tells Amy that Sophia will not die of hunger. Amy says I will do something and says I have an idea.

Veronica and Keith comes to bank to check the locker. They are informed by the manager that only account holder can check the locker. They are shocked. Later Sophia is seen driving the car and Yug confesses her love shocking her.

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