Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 18th January 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Radha asks Yug to take care of himself and have food. Suraj says Sophia might be missing you and asks him to spend time with her. Ria tells him that she saw Sophia coming there. Sophia comes there. Yug smiles happily. He asks are you fine? Sophia recalls seeing the video and slaps Yug on his face. Everyone is shocked. Radha says she has slapped my Yug. Yug looks on surprised and shocked. Ishaan says Yug isn’t giving her enough time and that’s why she slapped him. Dadi says there is something serious matter. Sophia says you have killed my father. Yug asks what you are saying? Sophia says you was about to meet my dad that day, yes or no……Yug is silent. Sophia says you didn’t tell me anything and wanted to know if dad told me anything. She says you have brought this Mansion, and asks from where did you get the money? Whenever I asked you about Palekar Mansion. You have ignored my questions.

Dadi says what will he say now? Sophia asks what you was doing in our study that night? Yug is shocked. Sophia says I have seen CCTV footage of the video where you was going to kill him. When you couldn’t kill him, then you got him killed with an accident. Yug says I haven’t killed him and asks her to trust him. She says I am searching for his killer. Sophia says she has seen him taking knife to study with the intention to kill Peter. Yug asks her to trust him. Sophia says you are silent and asks him to speak up. She says when I called you, you was not in the shop, but lied to me. She says you acted to be in love with me so that I don’t ask you any questions. She asks him not to show his face to her. She leaves. Yug runs aftter her and asks her to listen to him once. She leaves. Yug cries and breaks down.

Sophia cries looking at Peter’s pic and says you have said right. Yug isn’t a good person. I will never meet him and will have no relation with him. She cries. Yug thinks he wants to keep Sophia away from any trouble, but I gave you much pain. He asks how you will trust me, and you will think that I have killed him. Suraj says we can’t do anything. Ria says if Yug will bear punishment for our doings. Ishaan says I have apologized to him. Ria says Yug is suffering because of us. Suraj says Yug shall tell everything to Sophia about us. Ishaan says I will talk to Yug and will apologize to him again. Ishaan comes to Yug and says I have seen your love for Sophia. I can’t see you in pain. Yug says what I will tell to Sophia. Ishaan says what do you want? You want Veronica and Keith to win, and asks him to save Sophia from being trapped. Yug looks on.

Next day Yug calls her, but she doesn’t pick the call. Yug comes to Sophia’s house, but nancy stops her. Yug says I want to meet her once. Nancy says okay and goes to inform her. Keith thinks to kick Yug out of the house.

Sophia tells Nancy to kick Yug out of the house. Jaggu calls Yug and tells him that he got the woman’s address. Yug is shocked to see the address.

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