Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 14th January 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ria telling her family that they shall call Sophia and if they call her repeatedly then she will understand that he is in trouble. Ria calls Sophia. She picks it up and couldn’t hear anything. She asks Yug to speak. Ishaan tries to wake up Yug. Radha says we have to do something. Dadi gets an idea and says we shall break the things to make her understand that Yug is in trouble. Ria calls again.

Sophia picks the call and hears the sound. She thinks she has to meet Yug. Ishaan sprinkle water on Yug to wake him up, and tells everyone that Yug is fine as of now. Sophia comes to Palekar Mansion and sees the fire breaking out from inside. She calls fire brigade asking them to come and gets inside the house. Sophia is going towards his room calling Yug. Radha and everyone break the things to make her know that Yug is in the basement. Sophia runs back outside the basement. Yug asks her to go, but Sophia says I will not go without you. Yug says if anything happens to you. Sophia says I will not live if anything happens to you. Radha, Ria and Dadi hope for Yug’s safety. Fire brigade comes and breaks open the door. Everyone take a sigh of relief.

Keith fumes as he couldn’t burn Palekar Mansion. Veronica says atleast you have tried and says Sophia was just a puppet in our plan.

Sophia is relieved to see Yug safe. Yug says I didn’t know that you would do such a daring thing for me. Sophia says she got his calls and was worried. Yug looks at his family. Sophia hugs him. Yug says I will drop you home as it is late now. Radha is happy to see him safe. Ria hugs him. Yug hugs Suraj. He thanks everyone and takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi feels relieved and doubts Keith for the incident. Yug says he is sure that Keith is behind the accident and says he will get proofs against him. He thinks to find out everything about Keith. Jaggu comes to buy fish at Yug’s shop. Yug asks Johny to pack the fish and asks Jaggu to get Keith’s phone for him. Jaggu asks why do you need it. Johny asks if you have an idea to get his phone. Yug says I have a solid idea. They come to the hotel where Keith is staying.

Johny wears specs and acts as blind man. He asks Yug to see what he does. Johny manages to steal the phone from Keith acting as a blind person. Gardener tells Nancy about Yug and says he has become rich. He says he might have earned with wrong money. Sophia hears him and gets thinking. Nancy asks him not to badmouth against Yug. Veronica gives money to the man and feels sorry for Sophia. Johny gives phone to Yug. Yug tries to download the contacts from his phone. Just then Keith searches for his phone. Yug gets Sophia’s call and he lies to her saying he is in the market. Keith comes near him searching for his phone. He sees Johny with two men.

Veronica shows the video to Sophia and says Yug must be the one who had killed Peter as he was going to meet him. Sophia is shocked. Yug, Johny and Jaggu see..I love you and I miss messages in Keith’s saved messages. Yug thinks to find out the number.

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