Yeh Vaada Raha 9th December 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Khushi says what do you say should I go? Kartik yes you should go its such a big company. Abeer overhears. Yuvi calls his mom and tells her everything. She says don’t worry launch won’t happen. I wont let her career take off. Yuvi says this kind of stuff doesn’t bother much. I want to give her a shock that she never comes out of it. For that she has to sing. Make sure her album is launched. She says don’t worry. Leave it on me. You prepare to teach her a lesson.

Khushi comes with Karthik and Abeer at the cafe. Everyone meets him. Abeer says your dad is famous. She says he is a nice man everyone likes him. Abeer says he is fine. should I go now? Khushi says no. A guys says karthik uncle why you came to work? Karthik says I won’t work today abeer
would. Khushi says everyone here loves my dad and if they get to know this happened to him because of you just think what will they do to you. I am sure you don’t want more enemies. Maybe you find a new friend here. Khushi says come on start your work. My papa’s duty hours have started and he doesn’t like being late. She gives him waiter cape.
Kamini sees pratap and says hi darling welcomebcak. Kaushalya call him. He says yes everything is fine. I took green tea and meds. don’t worry I was leaving for office. I am husband not son. If you worry come here. Go sleep it must be late there.
Kamini says wow so touche your second wife really worries for you.

Khushi sits on the chair and gives abeer a long order. She says would you remember? Kartik says write it if you don’t remember customers would be mad.
Pratpa says I bought this house in auction people who don’t live here can leave. This house is mine and of my family and of my son. Then what the hell are you doing here? Kamini says if you are forgetting it I am abeer’s mom. And Sur Sangeet’s 50% share holder.
Khushi says to another waiter help him he is new. He tells abeer how coffee is made. Abeer prepares the coffee and serves it. Kartik says you didn’t make smiley on it? Khushi says not bad.

Pratap says you are not 50% share holder its my son’s. Kamini says he only listens to me. So its the same thing. I can poison his mind but I never did. He hates your family. And why shouldn’t he? Kaushalya took you from me. Pratap says I couldn’t clean your trash from my son’s mind. The day you truth is exposed to him he will hate you the most. Mark my words. Kamini says that day won’t ever come. don’t give me this lecture in morning. So middle class. Tell me are you launching a girl khushi? He says how you know? She says I have sources too. Kamini says I don’t want her to be launched. Pratpa says I didn’t give abeer 50% so you can interfere in my business. I will launch her and also release her album. Just wait and watch. He leaves. Kamini says this is what I wanted. Done abeer.

Khushi gives money to Abeer and says your first hard earned money. You earned something yourself. I know it has no value for you but I hope when you look at it you recall this day. Maybe this is your enlightening day. You realize your mistake and move forwards. Abeer takes the note. Khushi says papa I will leave. Abeer says in heart I will tattoo in my memory. I will tell you whats the power of money.

Scene 2
Khushi reads the contract. He says is everything okay? She says but its written album would be launched in 72 hours? He says don’t worry. Everything is ready. All we needed was a good voice. So don’t take any tension. Just sign and concentrate on your songs. She signs. Pratap says congrats and welcome to sur sangeet.

The recording starts. Khushi sings the song. Kartik sees her poster. He is so happy. Kartik look at Survi’s picture and says see our Khushi became singer. She looks so good in poster. He says you will become a great singer. Abeer comes. Kartik says abeer see her poster.
Abeer goes to recording. Kamini comes there.
Kartik pastes Khushi’s poster in the house. Abeer says food. He gives him the plate. Kartik eats.

Khushi dresses in a gown. She says papa. Abeer looks at her surprised. She says papa come with me. He says no your focus would be distracted. I will watch live on TV. I will be fine abeer will take care of me. She says call me if there is any problem. abeer hey kharoos. She says my name is khushi/ He says I know. Its your special day and today I don’t wish to create problems. Just wanted to wish you all the best. He extends his hand. Khushi says never heard all this from you are serious or sarcastic I don’t know. but thank you. She shakes his hand. Khushi leaves.

Precap-Abeer grasps Khushi. He says you made me clean trash right? Now see how I trash your life. He creates a lip mark on his cheek with her lipstick. Khushi goes out. Abeer comes with him. There is media outside the room.

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