Yeh Vaada Raha 2nd August 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Court
Both kartik and survi pray to the lord. kartik then apologises to khushi, in his mind, that he is putting her through this, but its for her benefit. he decides to call up and tell his sisters. tai and pyare outside pretnd to be extra concerned with kartik and his plight, in front of bindu and lata.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
As hema talks loudly, khushi hears everything, and is apalled. when jatin comes, she hides, in the storer room, so as not to be seen, wherein she finds the report, confirming that kartik and survi are her biological parents. she is shocked. MEanwhile, jatin is about to blurt out that they wont get khushi in time, as they lost her, to survi, on the phone call, when khushi comes out. he rushes her
to the court.

Scene 3:
Location: court
Suvi and kartik are surprised, as they find khushi coming in. they both wait in anticipation when she is asked who does she love more and wants to be with. she gets dizzy and goes unconscious. they both rush to her, while others are tensed. they start to each other, as to what happened to her. they give her water, rub her hands to revive her back, and she doesnt. survi decides to take her to the hospital. kartik rushes out with her in the arms.

scene 4:
Location: Hospital
Khushi is immediately taken into medical care, while survi and kartik are apalled and distraught. as she is taken inside, both the parents are tensed. kartik assures survi that nothing shall hapen to her, as they wont let anything to happen to her they are apalled to see her like that. when the judge comes, she is escorted inside the ward. whwen the doctor comes and asks her to take care of khushi, they both again get into a verbal arguement as to whose fault is it. the judge reprimands and sets them straight. the judge then goes in. after exchanging social greetingg. when the judge asks, khushi replies that she cant seee survi in tears, but she fights always with kartik ovr her. the judge is boggled and asks why. she says that she is an orphan, and hence should be sent to an orphanage. all are aghast to hear this, while the screen freezes on survi’s tensed faces.

Precap: Khushi tells them about their parental status towards her, while kartik and survi are shocked. she tries to get the paper back from store room, but doesnt find it, oblivious that tai has already retrieved and burnt it.

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