Yeh Vaada Raha 28th October 2016 Written Episode

Tai tells everyone that Kartik only remembers her and no one else. Survi & Kishore try to call the police but Tai is way too confident this time as they don’t even have evidence against her. Survi and Tai fight and Tai ends up calling Kartik pretending that Survi is hurting her. Kartik pushes Survi away and tries to throw her out but Tai stops him saying that Survi is the servant and is only angry because she didn’t get her salary . Khushi & Hema end up seeing everything and Khushi bursts into tears . Tai says that Khushi is the servant’s child. Kartik goes and picks up Khushi’a gift which is a picture of Karvishi.. He tears it and Tai takes him saying that she has a headache. Khushi picks up the pieces of the pictures and Survi assures her that everything will be okay . Aniket takes Khushi with him. Lata and Hema ask Survi what they should do. Survi says that she will make a new love story with Kartik and takes Bappa’s blessings . Later, Survi picks up her belongings remembering her moments with Kartik.

Iccha calls up Tai asking how things are going on and when should she come to scare him again (Tension ko Tai ho jaati hai W*F ) while Kartik massages her head. Kartik removes Survi’s clothes and tells her not keep them in his mother’s room. Survi sees Kartik is standing at the edge of the stair and rushes towards him but Tai holds Kartik and threatens to push him. A scared lata tells Kartik that she’ll send Survi to the other room. Tai takes Kartik to the room to sleep. Kartik looks at Survi while going back to the room and does that ‘Katti’ thingy.

Kartik didn’t even remember who SuShi were.. and then he goes on to tear their picture after Tai tells him that Survi is the servant and Khushi, the servant’s kid. So heartbreaking!! .

Survi has decided to start fresh with Kartik! She says that Karvi’s story will never end and that she’ll make a new love story with him . She’s going to create new memories with Kartik since he’s forgotten the previous ones..

Precap: Bindu puts spice in Poha & runs. Survi comes to put some but notices something weird when she turns around (Her outfit tho!! ).

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