Yeh Vaada Raha 27th January 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Survi querstions whether what they are doing is right, and they way they are conspiring legal. kishore pointsout what all they did, and asks if that was legal and ethical, and then asks that they arent doing any harm, but in rome, do as the romans, hence they are giving tai a taste of their own medicine. lata tries her best to convince survi that kartik completely believes only in tai, and now that she is the wife, she needs to get him closer. Survi is tensed for aniket, when lata signals kishore and raghu to stay quiet. she then tells survi that its all tai’s trap, as aniket is her son too, and had he been kidnapped, why did the kidnapper call just when kartik wass entering her room, its because, tai doesnt want them to be united. she begs her to save her son. survi complies to help them. Lata then asks survi to go and rest as its late. after she leaves, raghu asks why they didnt tell survi about aniket’s prohibition from the marriage by them. lata says that would have weakened survi, as she would have thought aniket as victimised. they comply. Shew then asks kishore to leave, as this isnt safe for him to be here. raghu goes out to leave him, and is shocked to find kartik, bindu and tai coming up. Kishore hides. raghu asks kartik if they found aniket, and he denies and goes in, while tai starts her rant as to how she just prays that aniket is okay. inside, also, she gets to emotionally blackmailing him as to how aniket has as it is, nothing to return to, as he loved survi dearly, and now she is never going to be his. kartik is tensed. she asks him to go and be with survi, as its his wedding night, while he stands tensedly. as he walks up, he remembers aniket’s love for survi, and gets unnerved. he walks in, while bindu and hema come and ask tai why she gave her room. She says that she sacrificed it, for the better good, so that when kartik is weighed down under her favours, he shall himself return it to her.

In the room, kartik enters unnerved seeing the romantic decor, but then finds survi placing an alternate bed on the floor. survi tells kartik to sleep on the bed, and she shall manage on the floor. He complies., as he is preoccupied about something. First he complies, but then asks what did she say. she repeats. He aasks her to sleep on the bed, and he will, on the floor. She asks him not to argue, as he is used to sleep on the bed. he says that he can sleep. they again get to their verbal arguements. But finally kartik succeeds, and he sleeps on the bed, with his shoes and coat on. she points it out, and he hureiedly goes to change. very awkward in her presence. finally, they sleep, she wakes up, hearing his snoring, and is shocked. she steps down, and tries to stop it, and when it starts again, she stops his nose, and he opens his eyes. she is shocked, and turns around, but skids and falls on him, in his arms. they are both aware of their physical proximity. He leans in to kiss her, while she closes her eyes. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: kartik wakes up hearing snoring noises, and then comments that survi herself snores, and was reprimanding him. he finds a vdieo of his snoring in the night, and is embarassed. He turns around to find survi, amused smiling at him. later, she asks him to don the vermillion on her forehead, and holds it out for him, while he stands tensed.

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