Yeh Vaada Raha 24th March 2016 Written Episode

The girl says to Kartik that she came here to offer him a job of CEO in her company, 5 lacs per month take home along with house, car and all the facilities. Kartik turns to look at Survi quizzically. The girl asks him answer, he says he needs time to think. She gives him two hours and says she will meet him in office. He shakes her hand and notices the boils on her hand and asks about them, she says mosquito bit him at night. Kartik offers to drop her out, she turns to say thanks to him about the gift. The ladies come to him and ask what gift. Prabhu comes in and tells them he gifted her an imported car. Kartik complains no one was ready to listen to him, he had to sleep outside. Lata complains that they don’t have 5 thousand at home and he is gifting cars. Survi was also upset. Kartik comes to kitchen and asks to speak to Survi, she wasn’t ready to listen to him.
The girl, Mehr sat on her rolling chair. She makes a call to her late mother and tells her she gave an offer to Kartik, he asked for time and she only gave him two hours from which thirty seven minutes have passed already; when they will work together they will spend time with each other too. She laughs hysterically. There is a knock at the door, her manager comes with some information about Kartik. She was nervous and asks what was such an information that he couldn’t wait. The manager says he heard Kartik is married. She says she will confirm if he is married or not.
Kartik holds Survi’s hand and tells her the whole thing. He tells her she was also at Tai’s home then, he couldn’t even tell her. Survi says he couldn’t even think about saying sorry, he took such a huge loan and never thought about his own family. Kartik says he will arrange 50 lacs and Mehr has offered him 5 lacs per month. Survi asks if he has decided to take the job. She is a huge fan of him, he must take the opportunity. He says he doesn’t want the job, he will manage. Survi says if he had considered her a wife he would have consult her. Kartik says he is asking her now. Survi says like he had asked her while gifting car. Kartik says she is over reacting. Survi says if someone asks him he must say he is unmarried and irresponsible. Mehr knocks at the door and asks if she can come inside. She says she wants to talk to him, she wants to know who is in his family. Kartik asks why she wants to know, if she is taking his interview. Mehr says it’s nothing like that, she is just curious. Survi goes to kitchen, Kartik says his father died in childhood, he lives with his mother and sister. Survi says no one else, he isn’t married yet. Mehr asks who she is. Survi says she is a maid, she comes to clean and wash clothes. Mehr thinks that manager said he is married. Mehr says he is left with 38 minutes, they will talk in her office. She says bye to him and leave happily. Kartik holds Survi’s hand and asks what that was, why he lied? Survi says he could have corrected her that she is his wife. Kartik asks if this is also his mistake. He joins his hands in front of her and says he can never understand her.
The manager was afraid driving the car in full speed. She asks for whom he works for, who asked him to lie to her and mislead her, who asked her to come between her and Kartik’ she has seen herself that he isn’t married. She says he made a big mistake coming between her and Kartik. She looks at him while driving, the manager asks her to concentrate. She leaves the car and jumps out. The manager was badly hurt at head and asks Mehr to save him. Mehr touches the blood on his head and says she can’t bear anyone between her and Kartik. Her life has become difficult without him. She will confess her love to him tomorrow, will propose him and he has no reason to say no to her. A single man can now save him from Mehr’s anger. She gets Kartik’s call, he tells her that he accepts her offer. She says that’s wonderful, and calls him to her office at sharp 9. Mehr watches the blood on her hand, she cleans her hand with the manager’s shirt and calls for ambulance.
Kartik tells Survi he has said yes for the job. Survi says so? Kartik says she is his wife that is why he is telling her. Survi says as a wife, he must have asked her. He says she hasn’t given her that right. Survi says that right is earned. Kartik says he bets before going for the job Survi herself will give him that right.

PRECAP: Mehr decorates the office with red rose for Kartik. Survi reads a letter from Tai about vacating the house. Kartik says Tai has problem with him, he will speak to Tai about it. Mehr waits for Kartik and clutches the flowers saying she won’t forgive him for this.

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