Yeh Vaada Raha 23rd August 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Kartik’s office
surtvi is overcautious about kartik’s health, and tai’s threats, and starts doubting everything, making it impossible for her to be with him, despite not being. he asks whats the matter. she says that she is concerned for him. he asks her not to worry, as things shall be okay.

Scene 2:
Location: Kartik’s residence
Back home, tai gets some people posing as telephone fixing people, and they manage to give khushi some meds due to which she walks out with them in a haze. MEanwhile, survi keeps trying phone numbers, but doesnt get through. tai fumes that now she shall teach survi a lesson. she also manages to distract rhit who is concerned for khushi. survi screams out khushi’s name in the office and rushes out. kartik too rushes after her. Meanwhile, khushi sits in the va with those guys, while survi runs frantically around. Survi is tensed thinking that tai tried to distract her by making it look like she was talking about kartik, whereas she was talking about khushi. Meanwhile khushi sits in a van, and is taken off. survi and kartik come in to find that khushi isnt around. kartik gets a call from the kidnapper, about their daughter being with them., survi and kartik are apalled. as tai has her captive, she tells pyare that this time, she would make them truly separated forever. meanwhile, kartik and survi together remember the first time it happened. tai swears to pyare that she shall ruin kartik and survi too, and that she gave an apt reply to what she had done to him.

Meanwhile, back home, kartik and survi discuss with everyone, about the 25 crore demand. he assures survi that nothing shall happen to their daughter. he leaves, asking lata to take care of survi, as she isnt well. kartik calls the employee to arrange for money and asks kishore to get them. they all start running around. tai gets emotional, and pretends to be hurt at whats happened. he assures that he shall get khushi back and then leaves. kartik and survi face each other, and then remember the last time it happened. he goes over to her, and assures that they wont repeat the same mistake again, and asks if she trusts him, and she responds she does, more than himself. he hugs her.

Later, Kartik gets the money and says that he shall pay and get khushi back. survi wishes to go, and is insistent, but he assures her that she should rest, as she hasnt slept in the night. hearing the police siren, kartik wonders who called for them. when they arrive, kartik emphasises that their daugher did get kidnapped. as recapitulation of their past incident is reminded to them. survi says that they shall take care of khushi. Kartik sends the police off, saying that their services wont be needed. she tries to speak, but he shuts her saying that he has decided that this time, he wont listen to her and come what may, today he shall get khushi back. tai watches mused from a distance. survi is tensed. after the police leaves, tai is amused that atleast they werent involved anymore. she then calls up pyare and tells about the deal , and how kartik has agreed. she asks him not to mess up this time, and get the money safely.

Scene 3:
Location: In an isolated location
Kartik arrives, and is then confronted by pyare, who is in a burqa, along with kushi, tape slapped on her face. he is overwhelmed to see her. the screen freezes on pyare’s, Kartik’s and khushi’s faces.

Precap:This time around, its kartik’s turn to behave irrational, and he turns the pistol on his head, to allow the kidnaoper, and in that bid, they lost the baby yet again. the police and survi are tensed. Later, they get blood stained clothes of khushi, and tai is shocked thinking that seh ordered for keeping the kid alive, but they killed her, after having seen the blood.

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