Yeh Vaada Raha 21st March 2016 Written Episode

Survi gets Kartik the plate of food. He demands her to feed him with her own hands. She says he is crossing his limits now and turns to go to get water. Kartik’s hand ache, Survi turns to see bruises and boils on his hands. She is worried and comes to feed Kartik bites with her own hands. Everyone come back home, Kartik says he will eat himself as everyone is watching. Survi says she didn’t run away from home but is his legal wife.
There at work, the manager tells them that today is GM’s visit, lunch break will be after her visit. The labour talks that GM is a bossy and bad tempered. An old worker is severly injured, Kartik takes him to hospital in a car. When he comes back, the manager says if she gets to know a worker was taken to hospital in her car, he has no idea what will happen. Kartik asks whose car this is. A girl arrives there, she says it is hers. She comes to the car, watches the blood stair and cries. She asks if he has an idea what he has done, he has spoilt her 20th birthday gift, and twenty days hadn’t passed yet. Kartik says he had no option, his life could be left. The girl says what would have happened if he had died, she just had to give a compensation of five lacs, she could have given it. But this car is worth fifty lacs, and was her brother’s gift. Kartik asks if she is crazy. The girl says she gets crazy when someone spoils her belongings. Kartik asks if she has no worth of her worker’s lives. She says they work for her and she pays them, that is enough. She says if he cares so much about them, from today this factory is shut. Kartik asks if she has gone crazy, she is ruining the lives of so many people. She asks if he can get her a similar car right now. Kartik takes her phone and makes a call saying it is Kartik Barway. The girl goes behind him, snatches her phone and was about to slap him, he holds her hand. He says he has seen a lot of girls like her who have never done something in life and only boast their parent’s property. A man comes there with a brand new car. He tells Kartik that he has brought the car, Kartik can return the car anytime he has. The man says that when his father was a labor at Kartik’s company, he had given him a loan of 50 lac worth to start his business. Kartik asks him to register this car after her, he will pay for it. Kartik says that now she won’t like to see his face, so he will leave himself. The staff claps for Kartik. The girl also smiles and claps towards the new car. She says I like this car, it should be registered after her name.
At home, Lata asks Survi if she got free really early. Survi says today was introductory day, the real work will start from tomorrow. She asks about Kartik. Kishore comes there upset, he says they are already suffering so much because of Tai and tells them about the issue. Survi was worried and says Tai can’t do this, she leaves with Kishore.
There, Tai told her workers to remove Bappa from here, he got a fifty crores of loss to her. Survi arrives there. She forbids anyone to touch this temple. Tai says this is her house. Survi says that this is her house, but God’s temple. Bindu says that this is their house, Survi must worry about her own house. Survi says that one must not boast about a house, God may take this right from her. Tai says that Kartik named this house after her, now she will decide if to roll this house under a bulldozer. Survi says that a husband doesn’t has to be blamed, one who can give a company worth 500 crores as alms can earn her a thousand crores as well. But if they remove the temple today it won’t be good for them. Tai says she will see who can stop her and goes to remove the temple table. Survi comes to stop Tai. Tai asks Survi to leave her hand, she jerks her hand and goes to fell besides the wall. Tai says Survi will regret, she has done a big mistake by coming here.
At home, Kishore comes worried and says to Kartik that he committed a mistake. Tai has filed a police complaint against Survi that she broke into their house. Police took Survi to jail.

Precap: Kartik comes to jail and asks Survi why she did so. Survi says she did what she thought was right. Kartik comes to Tai’s home, he points a gun at his forehead and says if he doesn’t get Survi here in fifteen minutes he will shoot himself. Survi is his wife and he wants her with her.

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