Yeh Vaada Raha 18th March 2016 Written Episode

Kartik says that to Srikanth that he only wants a house, not want to be a Ghar Jamai. He keeps two conditions, he will pay a rent of this house and will take the monetary responsibility of his mother, sister and wife. Secondly, he doesn’t want him to come between him and Survi and force her to forgive him. He has a lot of responsibilities, he has to marry Shanti, get his mother for prayers, and has to win the right of a husband from his wife; so he will sleep out of the house. He says he needs to find a job right now. Srikanth says that at time of Kaniadaan, a father touches the son in law’s feet only so that he respects his daughter. He blesses Kartik. Kartik touches his and Lata’s feet. Shanti also wishes him luck. He goes out, smiling at Survi.
On his bed settings he finds jobs in the newspaper. Survi brings tea for him, he says wow, and she got tea for him. She has tried to take great care of husband, or if she came to check him what he is doing with the newspaper. Survi asks him to stop giving such importance to himself, she made tea for everyone. Kartik stops her and says he will even drink poison with her hand. He murmurs in front of Survi that he must have waited a little more time, enjoyed life with girls; but he directly married. Survi turns to leave, her saree gets stuck in the bed. Kartik smiles when she tells him to leave it, and says he won’t. She is his legal wife after all. Survi turns to find the saree stuck in bed, Kartik laughs. He says he can’t buy her a new saree, he has no money; now she must work with this one only. She heads to leave, he clutches her saree back and stands to hold her to him. They share an eye lock. He says people think money is everything, when money leaves their hands they loses everything. He thinks different, his everything is here in his arms and will always be with him; if he is right? She gets away from him and leaves the room. Outside, she smiles looking at him.
Kartik gives an interview. He introduces himself, the officer stands up in his respect. The officer says he is over qualified for being a loader. Kartik says he needs a job direly, he has applied in a few places and until he gets some other work he wants to begin from today. Kartik loads heavy boxes, he helps an old man in his work as well. He gets a hurt on his hand while the work as well.
Survi takes blessings from Lata and Srikanth. She says she got a job and will go from tomorrow. Kartik comes home congratulates him. Lata asks him about the job, he says he isn’t as useless as not to get a single job. Lata, Srikant and Shanti go to temple. Kartik teases Shanti that she will only get passed in exams with God’s blessings. They leave. Kartik holds Survi’s hand. Survi asks him to leave her hand. He says he didn’t marry her to leave her hand. She says her hand won’t be lost for the next many lives. He asks for her hand, and keeps the money at her hand. He says behind every successful man is a woman, and when a man hands his earnings to a wife his life comes to the right track. He asks Survi for food.
Mr. Jakson comes to meet Tai. Bindu says to Krishore that Tai won’t be able to handle him. Rani come dressed in coat and pants. Mr. Jakson could speak in Hindi as well. She asks him to have a lunch with them. Tai speaks broken English. Mr. Jakson says this deal isn’t possible since Kartik has left. Tai doesn’t understand a single word. Mr. Jakson tells her in Hindi what he said. Kishore tells Tai she was clean bolt in a single day. There is still time, she can apologize Kartik and save her business. Tai shouts at Kishore that she will show him doing this all alone.
Survi comes to the temple in her house. She thanks the God and says this 500 rupees mean a lot to her, they have been earned from the sweat of Kartik. She only wants the happiness of the members, she is just a bit annoyed at Kartik and it will remain until he becomes a responsible son, brother and husband. She prays that he passes this test, after than their relation will become the strongest one. She notices the flame going out, Kartik and Survi come together to save it. They share an eyelock.

PRECAP: Kartik holds a worker to a car and drops him to hospital. The manager there says to Kartik that if she gets to know he carried a worker in her car, what will happen. Kartik asks whose car is this? A girl comes there and says it is hers.

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