Yeh Vaada Raha 17th March 2016 Written Episode

Survi prays in the morning. Lata and Shalini were there. Kartik comes down cheery, plays with Shalini as well. Abhijeet brings him something, he asks Kishore to get Tai here.
Tai and family sat worried at home. Kartik calls her to come out, if till his count of five Tai doesn’t come out he will get the door broken. He counts loud. Tai comes out, she says if he will teach her the counting. She is here, he must punish her now. Kartik takes a gun from the bag on table. Everyone was shocked, he hands it to Tai and says fourteen years from today she handed him a similar gun, after Bhao’s death. It was Bhao’s gun. Same day, Srikanth had gifted him Gunpati that he still wears as bracelet. He had to chose between the two, the selection told him which way he had to go one. Both ways showed went to two destinations. He thought much that day. He had promised her something then as well. He is still on the say two way path, he has to make the same selection. He points the gun at Tai, saying either gun or Gunpati. He throws the gun down on floor and says he didn’t chose gun then as well. He has again selected Gunpati, he will walk on God’s path. In life it is easiest to promise, but most difficult to fulfil it. He is lucky to fulfil the promise. He says today she is the only heir of all his property. Survi, Lata and Shalini were happy. Kartik says he wants to give happiness to his family, if not money. What will he do to the treasure that took him away from his Tai. He requests her to take care of his sisters. People must be saying he lost the game, but at heart he knows his success lies in this loss. He keeps the file of property at the footsteps of Tai, keeps her hand on his head, smiles and says he has always accepted her as mother. Her respect will always be there in his heart. He says one promise is fulfilled today, now he will come to the other promise. He will begin a new life with h is mother, sister and wife. He promise Survi that they will set an example of love to the world. He tells Tai to take care of herself and turns to leave. Tai stops Kartik, he turns around. Rai toss a coin. She says she can’t send him empty handed, she hands him the coin and says either he consider it a blessing or anything. Kartik touches the coin with his eyes and says a mother always gives blessings to his child. Kishore joins hands to Kartik, Kartik says he must join his hands to him, his sister couldn’t get a better husband than him. Kishore says he has forgiven Bindu and will stay here. Survi holds Kartik’s hands and asks him to go. The four leaves the house happily.
Tai takes the papers in hands and smiles.
The servants watch Kartik leaving. They request Kartik not to leave, or take them with him as well. Kartik asks who will take care of this house then. Kartik tells them to take care of Tai here, takes his bags and leave. They turn to face the house.
Srikanth asks what the point in living somewhere else is. They will stay here. Lata says they can’t stay here, what people will say. Srikanth asks Lata not to take care of what people would say. Kartik was smiling, Survi asks Kartik if he would say something? Kartik says how he can say anything without her advice. She says that in her opinion they must find another place. Kartik asks her to let the elders decide about it. She scolds him. Srikanth and Lata get attentive towards them, Srikanth scolds Survi for talking aloud with her husband. She complains to Kartik that he got her scolded from her father. Srikanth asks if she has still not forgiven him. Lata says Survi can be angry at Kartik as long as she wishes to. Srikanth says that Kartik is not alone now, they will all live here from today. Kartik says Srikanth is right, he goes to lay on sofa and switches the TV on. He says they will not get all this facilities again, he tells Survi to begin her nurse’s work again. He tells Srikanth to get some more tutions. He is tired of working in life.
Tai says that from today Kamla Tai will begin a new life, she will never accept any misunderstanding else no one will be worse than her. Kishore says no one is even worse than her. Tai is angry at him, Bindu tells Tai to watch it, she wants to live with Kishore. Kishore asks who will take care of business. Tai says he will. Kishore says he can’t. Tai says she will take care of the business now. The associate comes there, Tai asks about the schedule. He tells her that Kartik had a meeting with Mr. Jakson from USA and was about to finalize a deal of 15 crores with him. Tai asks him to get that Mr. Jai Krishan home, she will get a deal of 100 crores signed with him.

PRECAP: Survi gets tea for Kartik. He taunts that she is taking care of him a lot. She says she made tea for everyone and got for him too. She turns to leave when her saree gets stuck with the bed. She asks him to leave it, he smiles and says he won’t.

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