Yeh Vaada Raha 16th May 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Meher’s residence
meher is distraught, as al of her dreams with her kartik shatter completely. he then vents out as to how her trying to kill the child pushed him over the edge. he vents out everything, as to what their plan was, and how she and her brother have been criminals, and shall be punished now. he presents the video to the inspector, and then gets to leave. but he is shocked whn they al start guffawing, and then the inspector reveals that he is ranvir’s friend. kartik is shocked. now he is lashed by meher and her brother, while all watch amused. h gets enraged and then goes to the temple, saying tht the lord shall punish them for their criminal deeds. but meher hits him on the head and he goes unconscious

Scene 2:
Location: Srikant’s residence
Survi instinctively feels that kartik is in danger, due to his impulsiveness, and demands to be let go, but srikant doesnt comply. after much persuasion and conviction, she finally manages to get them to agree to go.

Scene 3:
Location: Meher’s residence
Survi reaches along with everyone. she makes them all wait outside, so that they can be called for help when needed. she enters with kishore, and finds the house, unusually calm. as she gets in, tai taunts her along with hema, and pyare. ranvir and meher come down too. survi screams for kartik, but meher shuts her up and first scares her that he has gone. survi assumes that he is dead. meher clarifies that he shall be far away, so that they both shall not be able to see each other again. they all guffaw, while survi is distraught. Meher tells survi that in the next ten minutes, ranvir’s men shall take kartik away, on a private plane, and she shall never see him again. she is distraught. meher taunts her amusingly. she says that she feels bad for her child, as it became an orphan even before it came in this world. as they get back to talking amongst themselves, survi gets determined and then takes the knife, and pulls meher from behind, andrests it against her throat. meher shouts at ranvir, who is aghast to see his sister like that. The screen freezes on survi and meher’s face.

Precap: survi tells meher that she is a qualified nurse, and hence knows which vein shall bleed her out to death instantly. survi tells ranvir that she wants her kartik in front of her eyes, and if he tries to act smart, noone shall be able to save kartik. Meanwhile on the road, kartik wakes up with a jerk, as a car steps over a boulder on the road, and then hears people talking about transporting in the private plane, and understands that he is being taken far away.

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