Yeh Vaada Raha 15th December 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1
Abeer comes there. Khushi hugs him. The thug says leave her and save your life. He says if you had done this yesterday I would have left this girl to you myself but is about my dad. If something happens to her my relation with my dad will break. She says are you saving me or what? He says both. This is all because of you. She says because of me? He says definition of fame and humiliation has changed. You became star that day. Any publicity is good publicity. You became someone from no one. I suffered in all this. I lived in that chawl and then my dad insulted me. He hits the thugs. Abeer says as if this was not enough your dad insulted me. She says you deserved that. Abeer says what? Its useless you talk to you. This mess is all your creation. If i could I would kill you right now.
She says even these people are better than you. They are open about what they are. He says I am saving you and you are saying this? She says I can help myself. i don’t need you. He says then why you were shouting for help? You don’t need me? A thug fires a shot in air. He says who will save you from us now? He says you have ruined my life. She says because of you I am in this situation. The thug says we asked you to pick the girl up where did this guy come from?

Khushi wakes up in abeer’s arms. She screams and so does he. Her earring gets stuck in his button. He says don’t shout. He takes her earring out. The song ‘raabta’ plays in background. Khushi says where are we? He says in Mauritius. She says what? He says do I look like google map? How would I know. There is nothing normal. What are we doing here? He looks out. A woman comes in and says are you both fine? Abeer says yes fit and fine. She gives him water. She says sit before drinking water. Abeer says who attacked us? She says everything will be safe now. You are here. Mohan will show you your room. Khushi says you know her? He says no. She says then why were you talking so familiarly? Why didn’t you ask her how we came here? He says why don’t yu ask yourself. Am I your servant? Khushi says how we came here? Aunty says don’t worry nothing will happen to you here. Abeer says see aunty is so nice. Aunty says how are you related? Abeer says can anyone have a relation with her? Khushi says what you think of yourself? Aunty says don’t fight. you two brought happiness here. We will celebrate today. She says go to your room. Aunty says to Khsuhi you should refersh too.

Abeer asks mohan whats the name of this place? He says Panchmeshwar. Abeer says never heard of it. Mohan says its quite an unknown village. Abeer says is there a marriage going on here? Abeer sees the kidnapper. Abeer says what are you doing here? Mohan says he is our chief. Abeer says we don’t care. He kidnapped us. The man says I didn’t want to bring you here but good that you came as well. Now happiness of this village will be doubled. There will be two marriages here. Who would want to leave this eve? This village is called panchmeshwar. No one knows us because we don’t have money. We don’t believe in dowry here. So no one gives us their daughters. God has given us this moment to celebrate. Abeer says what are you trying to say? The man says we needed a girl. But now when you are here we will have two marriages. That girl will be married to a guy from this village and you will be married to some girl in our village. Now you two will benefit two lives here. its double happiness decorate the whole village. Abeer says what are you saying? This is wrong. What nonsense is this. Abeer says you are in police and you kidnapped us? Thakur says touch his feet he is your husband to be,

Precap-Abeer and Khushi are in temple. Abeer fills Khsuhi’s hairline.

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