Yeh Vaada Raha 10th June 2016 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Survi’s residence, and kartik’s residence, Mumbai
Jatin comes back and happily tells about his meeting with kartik, and also lies about the owner of the company, apologising profusely to him.

Later in the night, as khushi is nostalgic and sad, she comments to the lord as to why he did this with her and her mother. Khushi says that she wont talk to survi about this, and that she wishes to meet her father and one day she shall definitely, so that she can put her out of this misery. survi is apalled to see her like this. she rushes away from there. as she turns around, she is confronted by jatin who is apalled himself. she is barely able to control her tears and moves away. jatin comes to her, and then hesitantly says that he knows her for the past seven years, but always maintained her privacy, and never questioned her personal life, but now khushi is concerned, and asks if he can talk to her husband about this. she says that she cant talk, or tell, nor can she make khushi meet her father. he asks what could have gone so wrong, that he doesnt wish to meet his own daughter. she tells that her husband hates her. she explains everything. he is shocked to know that she didnt give birth to khushi. she says tht khushi doesnt know about it, as she couldnt tell her the truth. jatin hears it emotionally. she says that they completed each other’s happiness. she says that it was enough, and they didnt need anything else. she says that she is her mother in every which way, but one thing always scares her, that her past doesnt come looming over her daughter, as she wont be able to bear it, as she is her daughter, even if not by birth. she hopes that her husband doesnt see her, as god knows what his reaction shall be. he says that now he knows why she doesnt wish to come to Mumbai. he asks her to call up her husband, and clarify everything, as till now khushi is living happily, and tomorrow also she shall, but she wont be able to bear it, and that its better its kept from her, and asks her to call her husband up right now. she remembers her marriage with kartik and their moments together. she prays to the lord, thinking that for khushi she has to do this. she finally dialsd kartik’s number. Survi gets kartik on call, and is horribly shocked. she is stunned into silence hearing his voice, but finally musters up the courage to speak up. she identifies herself and kartik is overwhelmed, as past memories come flashing back to him, after seven years. tears stream down his cheeks, as he asks how could she take seven years to meet. she says that she wishes to meet him. he says that he too and asks where is she.

Downstairs, tai explains to riya, that she should apologise to kartik to mend things. riya asks why should she apologise, as she kept her secret, but tai gave up, herself. tai says that for some bigger wins, smaller losses need to be incurred. she tries to explain it to riya. kishore comes and finds them talking and asks whats going on. tai ignores, and then says that she was explaining to riya, that she should realise her mistake and apologise to kartik too. kishore complies. tai notices him coming down, and guided by tai, riya apologises like a parrot to all of them. kartik smiles, and says that he is happy that she realised her mistake, but if she does it again, he wont talk. then he says that he is going out for sometime. tai wonders where is he going at this time, and asks about the same. he says that there is an urgent meeting, and hastily leaves. tai is unable to believe it, and wonders if its merely an unnecessary concern, but then thinks that she has to go to find out whats the matter.

Scene 2:
Location: Romantic setup
Survi, waits while kartik hasnt arrived, wondering why is she so tensed to meet the person who she loved so much, and prays to the lord to keep everything sane. she remembers his hatred and gets tensed. Just then, kartik comes in the car and zteps out. they both are overwhelmed with emotions to see each other. they start moving towards each other, as each recounts their past memories. they meet in a romantic setup, where they both eye each other, as tears stream down their cheeks. she calls him, but he placers a hand on her lips, and shushes her. finally, he extends his arms, and survi rushes to him, and hugs him. Tai watches in hiding, from a distance, and fumes angrily. he says that its been seven years, and in this time, she mightnt have ever remembered him, but he never forgot her for an instant. he cups her face, and asks how could she not stop him that day, as he always makes mistakes, in the heat of the moment. he asks why did she call up again. she says that he had only asked her never to call, or return back again. he asks that she did it today, then why not seven years earlier. he says that they could have forgiven each other. she says that nothing is worse than being called the killer of their own child. he asks if it was his fault then. she says that it wasnt her fault, and thats what she is saying. he gets tensed hearing this. she says that she knows he would take sometime to forgive and forget. just then, winds start blowing, and her dupatta falls over his face, and when he removes it, she finds him ablaze with anger. he pushes her away, and she falls on the ground, shattered and shocked, at his treatment. tai is overjoyed. kartik asks if her wounds shall take time, then what about his wounds, as she freshened them up yet again. he asks if she knows why he came to meet her, as he thought, she must have realised her mistake, and apologising she would want to reconcile back with him. he says that the truth still remains, that she killed his child, and today she has the guts to come and tell him that he was wrong all these years. he says that he had told that she didnt have to come ever, but she did it yet again. she turns him around, saying it wasnt her fault. he says that she is still the same and considers herself right all the time, and that her attitude hasnt changed yet. he says that she has made the biggest mistake of her life by coming in front of his eyes again, but now she shall be punished for the same and no apology. she is apalled and distraught. The screen freezes on survi’s face.

Precap: Survi says that she would happily give away her life, if that gives him any satisfaction, but unfortunately she needs to stay alive, for someone else who is there in her life. he is tensed, as he sits enraged in the car. he says that the person in her life shall have to mis her, since he shall end her saga today. she rushes frantiaclly on the road, while he storms after her in the car. she stumbles upon a stone and falls. his car comes to a screeching halt right within inches, and she creams out. tai is shocked too.

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