Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Akshara crying and telling Varsha about Naitik. They worry that Naitik is hiding things, don’t know for what reason. Ananya comes and asks are you both fighting again. Akshara and Varsha laugh and say we were just discussing about marriage and getting emotional. Ananya asks shall I not leave then and hugs them. Varsha says no. Akshara sends Ananya downstairs. She says I decided, I will try to avoid this. Naitik is right, Ananya’s marriage is imp right now.

Naksh goes to Kuhu and says your drawing is really nice, whats your mumma’s name. Naitik comes there with Vishwamber, and goes. Naksh asks Kuhu whats her surname, like my surname is Naksh Singhania, your mum would have told you, think and tell, what work your mum did, what was her profession. Kuhu draws jewelry… and goes. Naksh says maybe her mum used to design jewelry, like mumma used to do before going Cape town.

Ananya asks Akshara not to make her cry now, makeup will get spoiled. Varsha says I will go and welcome baraat. Shaurya comes and gets emotional seeing Ananya in bridal clothes. Akshara says she looks a fairy. Shaurya says I feel I did not spend time with my daughter, Ananya grew so soon. I wish to give her my time and love her, she is going away. Ananya hugs him and they cry. Akshara says enough, there is time for bidaai. Varsha sends Shaurya out for some work. Akshara finds it tough to pass time.

Ranveer dances with his family, and brings baraat to Ananya’s house. Three guys come there and think to have plenty of food at the function. They get mixed in baraat. Maheshwaris and Singhanias welcome baraat. Yash asks Naksh why is he upset. Naksh is upset because of Naitik. Shankari Tai says I fixed three relations of this house.

Ranveer’s mum and Ranveer create some drama, which shock everyone. Ananya looks on from window. Ranveer sings and dances on Tenu leke mai javanga….. everyone smile seeing the baraat dancing. Everyone join to dance. Dada ji dances with Mishti and laughs. Varsha does the rituals of holding groom’s nose and welcomes Ranveer and his family. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik and Akshara did they get varmala. Naira jokes that they forgot varmala and laughs. She shows varmala. Everyone talk about Naitik and Akshara. Akshara tells Naitik that he has never hidden things from her.

Everyone smile seeing the bride Ananya. Music plays…… Ranveer and Ananya smile and exchange varmala. Tara looks at Naksh. The function continues. The guys eat the food for free and tease a girl throwing flowers at her.. She turns and sees Sangram there. The girl/Ranveer’s sister tells Baby Maasi about Sangram. Baby Maasi asks Sangram where is his Dada ji. Sangram jokes. Baby Maasi scolds him for throwing flower at the girl. Sangram denies it and says she is blaming me. Sangram says I did not throw flower. Naitik and Akshara defend Sangram and ask Maasi to end this matter here. Maasi says fine, ask him to apologize. Sangram says if I did not do mistake, why should I apologize, fine, I m sorry.

Naitik says we know Sangram, you are not like this. Sangram says its okay, but who did this. He goes. Naitik sees the guys. Akshara asks what happened. Naitik says I did not see those guys before. She says maybe they are Ranveer’s friends. Naitik says no, their clothes are not of marriage. She says did they do that flower thing. He says I will see them, I think they are college guys who came to have food, I will ask them and they will leave. She worries and says I will send someone. Her dupatta gets stuck in his watch. She frees it and goes.

Naitik confronts the guys. Sangram asks what happened Naitik ji… the guy pushes Naitik and he falls. He gets hurt….

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