Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ananya asking Akshara is she on call. Akshara says yes, I will talk later. She keeps the pics. She tells Bhabhimaa that we don’t need these pics and papers now. She gives to the man and asks him to take it. Kuhu cries saying mumma. Akshara tells Devyaani and Bhabhimaa that Ananya called, Ranveer proposed her and she agreed. They get glad. Kuhu stops the man. The man calls Akshara and asks her to stop the girl. Akshara asks Kuhu to leave the junk. Devyaani asks do you need anything of it. Akshara says I will give you clean papers. Kuhu cries.

Mishti argues with Kuhu and tears her mum’s pic. Kuhu cries. Akshara comes there and asks why is Kuhu crying, Mishti did you tear her papers. Mishti leaves. Kuhu says mumma’s pic. Akshara says we will make it fine by magic. Kuhu gets the last piece and pic completes. Akshara sees Sneha and recalls Naitik’s words.

Akshara joins the pic and recalls about Sneha. Rajshri, Varsha and Dadi come to invite Devyaani and Bhabhimaa for Ananya’s marriage functions. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani hug them and congratulate. Varsha goes to see Akshara. Kuhu comes downstairs and falls. The pic falls. Devyaani takes the pic, and Bhabhimaa takes Rajshri with her. Devyaani gives the pic back to Kuhu and asks her to keep it carefully.

Varsha asks Akshara is Kuhu Sneha’s daughter, she is with Naitik, and his friend…. Sneha’s husband, I don’t understand, why did Naitik hide this. Akshara says he never hides things. Varsha says you should ask him. Akshara says I m waiting for right time, he will tell me. Varsha says when will right time comes, I feel maybe Naitik and Sneha’s relation… Akshara says I trust him more than myself, he can never do such thing.

Naitik comes home. Rajshri greets him and says we are waiting for you, have sweets first. Kuhu comes and hugs him. She says mumma’s pic. Naitik sees it and says we will get it repaired. Rajshri gives him good news of Ananya and Ranveer’s marriage fixed. He says its great, I will meet Akshara and Varsha. He thinks how to tell Akshara about Sneha and Kuhu.

Akshara says I don’t know where Sneha met Naitik, we were not in India for many years. Varsha says I know Naitik well, Naitik went hong kong 5-6 years ago, don’t look at me like this, when Shankari Tai got proposal for Ananya, she said Sneha stays abroad, maybe hong kong, ask Naitik once, things will get cleared.

Naitik thinks to hide the papers, if anyone gets those, they will get Kuhu’s details. Naira comes and scares him. The papers fall and he picks it. She tells about Ananya’s marriage. He says yes, one day you will leave our home. She says I won’t go anywhere. He says fine, we will keep your groom as Ghar jamai. She says no, I decided I will not marry, he will call you Papa too, just Naksh and I can call you Papa, I don’t want to share you with anyone. He hugs her and keeps the papers. They leave from the room. A paper falls under the bed and flies.

Naitik greets Varsha and says I just came to know you came here, congrats. He asks them to go, and he will finish some work. Naira goes. Varsha tells Akshara that Naitik is not meeting her eyes, maybe he wants to tell her. Akshara goes. Varsha prays to Lord to make everything fine. She goes to her room and that paper sticks to her slipper. She recalls Varsha’s words. Mishti comes and asks her to get ready for mehendi. She says I m sorry, Kuhu takes my everything. Akshara says sorry, I should have asked you before giving your clothes. Mishti says I will apologize to her, she is angry with me. Akshara says I will explain her, come. Mishti gets the paper and reads a letter… from Sneha. Sneha writes whatever happened between us, you have to take responsibility of our daughter.

Everyone get ready. Akshara says don’t know where Naitik went. Naksh asks why is she worried. She says I m happy, everything is happening so fast. Naksh sees Naitik coming. Naitik asks Akshara to go with others, Bau ji and I have work and will come later. Mishti asks Naksh to make paper plane. Naksh makes the paper plane and flies. Naitik gets the paper.

Naira throws the paper. Akshara picks it and reads. She gets shocked.

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