Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 15th March 2016 Written Episode

Upmanyu teases Shilpa. You never left me so peaceful since our wedding. I did not practise music since so many days. How did I survive without it? She smiles. He says no one can come between my love for music. Only manvi and my SIL understand my passion. It is a good idea. I will call him to practise with me. She is surprised. You dint like his music. How did you have a change of heart? He replies that she does not understand anything. The guy, who has a good heart, is a good artist. I don’t like his music but I like his heart. He is a diamond. He hasn’t taken after Raj. I misunderstood him. I trusted Sujoy. I got Rahul arrested and did so wrong with him but he dint react at all. Why hasn’t he come till now? Is everything fine between the couple? She tells him to take rest. Doc has advised. He lies down. Shilpa wonders if Rahul and Manvi’s misunderstanding cleared or not.

Sonali has told everything to Manvi. Manvi blames Raj for Rahul’s condition. He warns her not to point a finger at her but she insists. I begged you but you dint tell me anything. See what has happened to Rahul. I know he can never harm me but the animal inside him is of no one! He tried to kill me today. It can be anyone tomorrow. I thought what you did with Baba was worst but what you did with Rahul is much worst. Raj tries to warn her to stop but Sonali justifies Manvi. We are responsible for Rahul’s condition. She apologizes to Manvi. We are your culprit. This wouldn’t have happened if I had stopped you today. Manvi says you both are at fault but what’s my mistake. I want to help Rahul but don’t know how to do anything. Durgapur Jagir’s temple’s pundit died and only took Ambika’s name. Sonali is surprised. Manvi says only he knew about Ambika. No one knows what relation she has with Rahul. Chotu gives her her phone. Manvi shares that her Baba is out of coma. All the misunderstandings are fine between rahul and her. He has always supported me and taken care of me. She recalls all the old times. He only attacked me as that animal. Rahul is not at fault yet he has to go through all this. I don’t know what to do! What should I do!

Manvi comes to her room. Shilpa calls her. Is everything between you and Rahul now? Manvi lies to her that everything is fine. Shilpa senses the sadness in her life. Your Baba keeps talking about Rahul. He only wants you both to be happy together. He has saved not just your Baba’s but your life too. He is happy to know you both are married. End the old matters and start afresh. I am also blamed for this. I too doubted Rahul and trusted a guy like Sujoy. If Rahul is upset then he has every right. We have made a mistake. We should apologize. It is your responsibility to win his trust back. You have doubted him at every step of life. Manvi agrees. She ends the call. Sonali comes there. I know I am the reason of your confusion. I have brought a solution. You are young. You have your whole life waiting before you. There is no solution to this problem. You shouldn’t suffer. Leave Rahul! Manvi gets up stunned. Sonali says we tried to look for alternatives but Rahul’s condition cannot change. You cannot live with him. There is danger for you and everyone. A girl expects a good and simple life from her husband which you wont get. This relation is over. Go from here. You don’t deserve it. Live a good life with a guy who will love you and keep you safe. Go to your home. Divorce Rahul. Remove this mangalsutra. Go to your Baba. He has already lost a lot because of us. I don’t want him to lose you because of us. Go from here. Break this Mangalsutra. Manvi declines. She recalls her wedding. This isn’t just black thread but my trust. This has tied me to Rahul. I cannot break it. Sonali asks her again. Chotu comes to tell them that Rahul has gained conscious. Manvi refuses to leave Rahul alone in this condition. I have to live this relation. I wont let this mangalsutra break. She leaves to meet Rahul.

Rahul is shocked to see Manvi. What happened to you? He acts to be rude with her again. Why are you here when I told you not come back? What happened? She keeps crying. He looks at her hand. He recalls attacking her at night when he had turned in that tiger. He is stunned. I did it? I told you to stay away from me. Now you know why I told you to go? Leave. She says his name. He tells her not to act sympathetic with him. I can take care of myself. What kind of a woman are you? I insulted you so much, checked your bags yet you are back here! Sonali’s words echo in her head. He takes her till the door. He asks her if she is mad. Why are you smiling?

Manvi tells Rahul she heard and understood a lot. Now its his turn. I will not leave you this easily. You might have turned in an animal but she is also a Bengali. I am a devotee of Kali Ma. I will fight with the power of his curse. I wont fail. I will die fighting but wont back down. I will fight till my last breath. We will see who wins – I or your curse! She leaves from there.

Sonali asks Manvi if she is leaving. Manvi says I have to bring my stuff back to I have to go. Sonali repeats her wish but Manvi says I have no danger from Rahul. He can never hurt me. You only said he will protect me if he was here. You are right. He threw me out of the house to protect me. He will keep separating me from him till the animal is on him. His pure heart is still very much there. Till his heart and mind is pure we can save him. There must be a way. Pundit ji of Durgapur Jagir’s temple knew of it but couldn’t tell me. Your Guru ji said I can save rahul. I will do anything to do so. This mangalsutra is my strength. Come what may, I will never let any harm come to Rahul. Sonali hugs her. Manvi wants to find Ambika first of all. Is it a person or a thing?

Manvi is in the house temple. She places a Durga Ma’s idol in the house. Now I understand why there is no idol of you in this house. Now that you are here, please protect everyone. She cries while doing puja. My Baba has told me many stories of you. You have killed many Asuras. I am a normal human being. Not Rahul but his father is responsible for the mistake. Please show me some way. What can I do without your guidance?

Precap: Rahul tells MAnvi that it is his life’s reality. I am an animal because of the curse. She denies as she leans her head on his shoulder. You saved me from the curse by marrying a man like Sujoy. Don’t know what would have happened to me then. That would have been a curse!

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