Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 11th January 2016 Written Episode

Manvi realises Rahul is coming. She pretends to sleep. Rahul covers Manvi with the duvet. He looks at her lovingly and sits at a distance. I want to say something to you. I know I can say this to you when you are asleep. She has her back to him so she opens her eyes and listens intently. I want to thank you. I know you think of me to be a monster, and want to hurt you but it isn’t true. I married you wrongly but I had no other way. I don’t have a proof to prove my innocence. Even after all that, you helped Nikhil. She closes her eyes as he moves closer to her and removes her hairs off her face. He sits back near the wall again. She opens her eyes. In the past few days, I got so busy with our problems that I couldn’t focus on Nikhil. You did what I couldn’t do. I don’t know how I will repay your for that favour. I know you don’t accept the relation that we share. You hate me. You don’t want to spend even a minute with me, yet you fulfilled every duty in the house as my wife and DIL. I don’t know how you do all that. I really wish I could tell all this to you directly but we always end up fighting when we talk. She gets up. I only fight when you give me a reason. I don’t have any such plan. He is taken aback. You are awake? Were you only pretending to sleep? She nods. I pretended to lie down and sleep as soon as I realised you are coming in the room. I would have pretended to be asleep but Baba has taught me, one should thank someone on their face. Rahul is confused. are you fighting with me? She says you have a very small brain. If someone can guide you then you can get on the right track. He advises her to visit a doc. She points out that she was appreciating him. you should get yourself checked. He gives up on their argument. She says goodnight to him. he is pleasantly surprised. You wished me goodnight? Are you alright? She nods. if you can say thanks to me after accepting your fault then I can be nice to you too. They both lie down to sleep. He thinks she isn’t as khadus as he had thought her to be! She thinks she can never understand him.

Raj comes to meet his Guru ji. A family is already inside. No one is allowed to go inside at the moment. The girl’s soul has been possessed. He is treating her. Guru ji later advises the parents of the girl to sacrifice a goat. Put its blood on the girl’s forehead. She will be free from any soul afterwards. The parents are pensive. We have never done it before. Raj advises them to do as told by Guru ji. He is always right. All his words have come true till date. One has to lose something to gain something. They agree to make the sacrifice. They girl gets perfectly fine one Guru ji applies the blood of the goat on her forehead. The family leaves.

Raj greets his Guru ji. Guru ji says your son’s worry has brought you here. Time is not well since his marriage. There have been many problems lately. I see very tough times ahead. It isn’t going to end now. Raj asks him how to end it. Guru ji says we will do it on Purnamashi. We will make Rahul do the puja. I will tie Raksha-sutra on his hand. This puja is very important for him. he cannot miss it at any cost. If we have to hide this secret then it is important that this puja continues. Raj agrees to keep it a secret. We have been doing it since last 9 years already. We will continue it for always. Guru ji points out that even talking about it will bring problems for Rahul. Everything will be finished if the secret is out. The puja is to be done exactly on the night of Purnamashi. No one can harm him till he wears that Raksha-sutra. He gives something to Raj. Keep it at an exact point of your house. It will guide you about any problem that can surface. Take very special care of it.

Raj hangs the little potli given by Guru ji at the exact point as told. Sonali asks him what Guru ji said. Is Rahul safe? He denies. This potli will indicate us in case anything wrong is about to happen. She says Kajal was right. He assures her that Guru ji wont let anything wrong happen.

Dadi knocks at Rahul’s room. Manvi opens the door. She notices the separate bedding on the floor. Manvi makes excuses. Dadi tells her to send Rahul. I have to talk to him. She is still unconvinced about Manvi’s excuse. Rahul comes out of washroom just then. Manvi tells her what happened. Rahul thanks her. Dadi’s heart will break if she finds out about our truth. Manvi advises him to meet Dadi.

Dadi yet again asks Rahul if he and Manvi sleep separately. Rahul says the same thing. manvi has backache. Dadi calls him dumb in matters of love. Always hear the words of a girl carefully, hear her silence all the more carefully. Did you take her out for a date since your wedding? We have booked a honeymoon trip for you two. Take her to Shimla with you. She hears so many taunts from Raj daily. You both should spend some quality time together. We will talk to Raj. We will try to lighten the situation in your absence. It will be a good change for both of you! He goes.

Manvi does not want to go with Rahul on honeymoon. I cannot spend even a minute with you anywhere. Why did you say yes! They go all quiet as CHotu comes there. Rahul later gives her the itenary that Dada Dadi gave him. You could have said no. he asks her if she thinks he dint try. They aren’t listening to me. She insists that if he could marry her forcefully then he can do anything. Maybe this is your idea only. He asks her if he looks frustrated. Do you think I cannot do anything in the room that we share? I don’t need an excuse to touch anyone. I am Rahul Sabharwal! Girls die after me. We are going for Dada Dadi’s sake. we will take separate rooms there. Pack your bags. I will go and talk to dad.

Nisha scolds Chotu as he does dusting. Mom trapped me in all this! She overhears Manvi’s convo with her mother. Rahul and Manvi are going on honeymoon. Why does she not want to go with Rahul?

Precap: Manvi tells her mother she found a reason to drop honeymoon plan. Now even Dadi wont say no for it.

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