Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th January 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ishita talking to Shagun. She says Pallavi was sounding excited, she would understand her husband, we will wait for some time and see, relax. She ends call and says Raman says right, ladies become Jagga jasoos in every matter. She smiles and continues her work. Raman talks to Pathak and asks how can Vandu get fired from college like this. Pathak says the student’s mother is rich and hired good lawyer, she did settlement with college authorities. Raman says Vandu’s career will end. Pathak says Vandu would have gone to jail, that lawyer is clever, she would have made false allegations on Vandu, she gave 20 lakhs compensation to Vandu for resignation. Raman says it means Vandu should accept the mistake she did not do, I want to meet that lawyer, who is it. Pathak says sorry, but I don’t think she will agree to you. Raman says she is lawyer, not Lord, I will manager, fix an appointment asap. Pathak agrees. Raman says who is this lawyer….

Pallavi lights the candles and smiles. She sees Chadda and asks when did you come, I was lighting candles as you wanted to have candle light dinner with me. He holds her and says you cheated me. She asks what are you saying. He says the man you loved, you had child with him, you still love him. She says no, I moved on with you. He pushes her. She says you have forgiven me. He says no, I did not forgive you, you did big mistake and you will be punished. He makes hot wax fall on her hand. She screams. He throws the candle and removes his belt. Pallavi says please forgive me and pushes him to run away.

She falls over the stairs and he catches her. He says you can’t go anywhere, I love you, I get mad by your love, you have to end your first love completely, why do you do mistakes, you lie to me, trouble me, why. She says that was my past, I forgot it. He asks how shall I forget. He gets a call and disconnects. She pushes him. He says stop, you can’t run away. She closes the door. He asks her to open the door, else I will break it. She keeps furniture to block the door and calls Pallavi. She asks Ishita to save her, Amar will kill me. Ishita gets shocked. Pallavi says come soon. Ishita asks where are you. Chadda comes inside and Pallavi’s phone falls. He crushes the phone and breaks it. Ishita says I have to save Pallavi.

Pathak meets Niddhi. She asks where is Mr. Bhalla, he does not have time and I m here. Pathak says he has urgent meeting, sorry. She says what nonsense, you can go. Pathak says you talk to him on phone, please and calls Raman. Raman says I m leaving now. Pathak says talk to Niddhi please. She asks where are you, I don’t have time to wait, what do you want to say. He asks about Vandu’s case. She says I m doing for what is good for my client, I got best deal for Vandu, her husband needs money, its his wish if he wants to take 20 lakhs or not. She gives phone back to Pathak and says ask Vandu to agree and accept the deal. Pathak leaves.

Ishita comes to Chadda’s house. She rings the bell. He says who would be at this time, whom did you call Pallavi. She says Ishita… Ishita shouts Pallavi….. Chadda shuts Pallavi’s mouth and ties her. Chadda opens the door and says I came to meet Pallavi. He says she is not at home. She asks is everything fine. He says yes, I have to attend imp call, sorry and shuts the door.

Pallavi struggles. Ishita thinks to call Abhishek and does not get network in her phone. Pallavi sees Ishita leaving and gets herself freed. She shouts Ishita. Ishita sees Chadda dragging Pallavi back. She shouts Pallavi and asks Chadda to leave him. She gets inside the house and runs to the room. She asks are you mad, I will stop you. He says its my personal matter, will you stop me. Ishita holds the knife and asks Pallavi to run away. Ishita and Chadda fight, while Pallavi falls. Chadda asks Ishita to give him the knife. She asks Pallavi to run, and stops Chadda. He holds the knife, and they both fight. Chadda gets stabbed. Pallavi shouts Ishita. Chadda falls on the bed. Ishita sees the blood on the knife and is shocked. Pallavi gets shocked. He closes eyes and falls down. Pallavi shouts Amar and moves him.

Pallavi says he is dead Ishita, you killed Amar. Ishita says I did not kill him, he held my hand and pulled my hand, the knife hit him, he is not dead, and checks him. she says Amar, Pallavi is worrying, get up. She checks his pulse and cries. Pallavi says he is dead. Ishita pumps his heart and shouts Amar, get up. They cry.

Ishita says I did not kill him and cries. Raman comes home and sees the lights fluctuating. It starts raining. He wonders why is it raining now, where did Ishita go, she can get caught in rains. Ishita sees the blood on her hands. Ishita washes her hands and cries. She thinks whom to tell now.

Abhishek tells Raman and Mihir that he could not trace Ishita. Raman panics. Pallavi says Amar’s family is powerful, Ishita you don’t know them, they will not leave both of us, we have to do something. Ishita asks what. They both drag a huge suitcase.

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