Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Niddhi getting angry seeing Shanaya flirting with Raman. Ishita asks Raman to come with her to room, while he refuses. He acts shy and concerned that anyone would see. Ishita says you will be surprised, come with me. She takes him to the hotel room. Niddhi follows them angrily.

Bala asks Romi what happened, you are sitting here alone. Romi says its fine, I sometimes sit here. Bala says I also sit here alone sometimes. Romi asks about his classes, tell me if you need few computers. Bala says not now, I will tell you when I need, but you joined Raman’s office. Romi says yes, I m working, I thought to do business too, if your friends need, tell me. Bala says sure, Vandu may come late, I have to leave, if she comes, tell her I left, all the best. He leaves. Romi think what to do to arrange money.

Ishita asks Raman are you sure Niddhi will see us. Raman says yes, Niddhi can see and hear us from this window, which is common between this room and storeroom beside this room. Ishita says great, but if she does not come. Raman says I have arranged CCTV in store room and we can get the feed here. Ishita says it means we can see her too. Niddhi gets angry seeing Do not disturb sign. She sees the store room door open and goes inside.

Raman and Ishita see Niddhi inside store room. They talk aloud to make Niddhi hear them. Niddhi hears them and tries to see them via window. Ishita flirts with Raman, while he acts like not comfortable. She says its just you and me here, tell me what will you drink, sit here. He asks what are you doing. She says we are going to start work relationship. Raman says work relationship is not like this. Niddhi thinks Sarika was right about Shanaya.

Ishita says dad called me for my marriage, I reached your marriage, when I came there, your marriage broke, my engagement broke, what does this mean, there is some kismat connection. He says I was shocked seeing you there, you looked like… she says I look like your wife, we have connection of heart. He says you are getting mad. Niddhi is angry on Shanaya.

Mrs. Bhalla takes care of Shagun. Mr. Bhalla thanks Shagun for giving happiness to the family, forget old things, we are glad you are giving Raman and Ishita’s baby, I want to give something for this favor. I have few property, I m giving it to you, please keep these papers. Shagun says I can’t take this, I did this for me, I did not do favor. Romi looks on. Mrs. Bhalla says you have right too. Shagun says its Ishita’s right, I can’t take this. Romi thinks of the property, and if I get it, maybe I can stop Sarika by giving her money.

Raman makes distances and Ishita sticks to it. They have a talk. Niddhi gets scared seeing the rat and scares him away. Ishita asks Raman to relax. He asks what is she doing, leave my hand. Ishita gets close and says I will show whats relaxation. He says control yourself, this is not business. Ishita plays a song and dances…… Niddhi gets shocked.

Aaj sikha de mujhe love karke……plays…………… Ishita dances with Raman to woo him, while he smiles and acts to avoid her infront of Niddhi. Ishita teases him with a rose and falls in his arms. She pushes him on the bed and gets close to him. Niddhi gets angry. Raman gets up to leave and Ishita stops him. She hugs Raman and Niddhi controls her anger watching them.

Sarika is on phone and asks Neelu to shut musical toy. Simmi comes and sees Ananya crying. Simmi scolds Sarika. Sarika badly taunts Simmi to stay in her parents’ house. Romi hears this and scolds Sarika. She asks him to do her settlement else bear her silently. She goes on call. Romi gets angry and thinks to throw money on her face, and kick her out of house.

Raman asks can we just finish this meeting. Ishita asks are you not feeling what I m feeling, I think of just you, I think I love you Raman. He asks her to just stop it, you should be ashamed, I was marrying Niddhi, marriage stopped, it did not break, I love Niddhi, your face just matches with Ishita. She asks how dare you Raman, do you know me. Raman says you are just Raichand’s daughter. Niddhi hears them and says Raman is so good, Sarika made me think against him, he trusts me a lot, if he knows, he will feel so sad, I should leave. Niddhi goes. Ishita says you will regret Raman. They see Niddhi going. Ishita jumps happily and laughs. She says Niddhi would have faced rats there too. Raman says we have to take revenge from her for your every tear, family’s suffering and our separation painful moments.

Niddhi looks for her car. Guard says your car was parked in no parking, RTO took it away, its auto and taxi strike today, you can catch bus. She asks are you mad, will I go by bus. She thinks what to do, and takes lift by some girl…. She asks her to drop her till RTO. The girl agrees. Niddhi introduces herself. The girl says I m Shanaya Raichand. Niddhi is shocked.

Raman and Ishita talk about Niddhi. Niddhi tells Mrs. Bhalla that this Shanaya is fake, real is someone else. Mrs. Bhalla acts and asks Niddhi to save Raman..

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