Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22nd March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Niddhi having a headache. Sarika gives her balm and taunts her. She asks her does she know where is Raman and Shanaya. Niddhi says don’t take tension, I will find it out, I m a lawyer. Sarika says will you hire any spy, give me this work, I m here and can do this. Niddhi says just go, I have work regarding passport. Sarika offers help. Niddhi thanks her and they join hands. Romi looks on and says they both together, I have to do something.

Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Raman for scolding him. Mr. Bhalla says you should have told me atleast. Raman says its fine and jokes. Simmi says always Romi got slaps in childhood. Raman jokes that mum got Simmi in basket. They laugh. Simmi says you did not tell about Niddhi and your plan, you would have felt we don’t know acting. Mrs. Bhalla says we have become good actors now. Raman says thank God you all have forgiven me, but still Ruhi…. Did not forgive me till now. Ruhi comes to them. They ask her to come inside. Ruhi looks at Raman. She says Shravan wrote a letter, will you read it. Raman reads the apology letter and smiles. He reads Dear Papa, I m sorry to give you divorce, I was angry, but I know you are with my Ishi Maa, that’s why I love you. Raman goes to Ruhi and hugs her. Mrs. Bhalla asks will you come back. Ruhi says I will make rocking entry with drama to impress Niddhi. Raman says you never leave chance to do overacting. They all smile.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get tea for her and Niddhi. Sarika signs Niddhi. Niddhi asks Raman is he free today. Raman says I m free for you all my life, but few meeting are there, why are you asking. Niddhi says just like that. Ruhi comes and Mrs. Bhalla hugs her. Ruhi hugs Niddhi and says you are my mumma from today. Niddhi gets glad. Ruhi says you worked so hard in Shagun’s function, you are my mumma now. Raman asks Ruhi not to trouble Niddhi much. Ruhi apologizes. Raman says I will leave for office now. Niddhi says I will come along. Ruhi says we will spend time, Papa you go. Raman leaves. Ruhi asks Niddhi to wash her clothes and set her books. Niddhi agrees. Romi thinks Sarika has doubt, before she spoils things, I have to stop her.

Ishita and Shagun meet doctor. Doctor tells about Shagun’s baby. Shagun says baby’s mum is here, baby is happy and fine. Doctor asks them to buy medicines from chemist. Ishita goes to get medicines and talks to Raman on the phone. She says we are leaving now, did Ruhi come, don’t worry. Abhishek calls Shagun. She tells her location and asks why. Ishita gets shocked seeing ACP Abhishek infront of her. He says I have seen you with Shagun, why are you with her. She asks why do you doubt on me, are you a woman. He asks whats this question. She says otherwise, you can’t understand, you know I m woman and women have many complaints, so I came here. He says it means you came when Shagun came here. She says this is best doctor and I came here, its coincidence Shagun came at same time.

She gets Raichand’s call and says do something about this ACP, he is doubting on me, talk to commissioner and get ACP suspended. She leaves. Abhishek looks on and says she won’t agree like this, I have to be alert. He leaves. Shagun says he called me and I told him where I m, sorry. Ishita says its okay, I m feeling bad to talk to him like this, he did a lot for our family, I m helpless, he is finding criminal and I can’t …. Shagun says we can’t tell him the truth, we have to be careful. Ishita says yes, else he will his duty and send me to jail.

Niddhi says they made me a maid, I don’t understand all this. She gets her anger out on her assistant on phone. Sarika asks why is she doing this. Niddhi says Ruhi promised to accept me as mum, I have to do fake mum acting. Sarika warns her again and says Raman has got Ruhi here so that he can meet Shanay, if you don’t believe, go and see, I will do passport work. She goes out and Romi stops her. He asks what is she doing with Niddhi. She argues with him. He says you did wrong and don’t expect anything. She says fine, I m working for Niddhi, she is paying me. Romi says take that amount from me. She says sorry, you can’t pay that much. She shows her phone. He says so much money, what are you doing. She says Niddhi is paying as I deserve all this, tell me if you can pay me, else leave. He says fine, I need time, till then don’t harm my family. She ignores him and goes.

Raman tells Ishita that Niddhi is getting mad, you reach there, I will come. Niddhi calls him and he lies that he is in office. He sees Niddhi following him and smiles. He says you like to follow, now we will have a trip to hell. She says I will see where you are going… to Shanaya?

Raman reaches hotel ad goes inside. Niddhi follows him. Raman smiles and takes the suite’s keys. He goes ahead and meets Ishita. Niddhi gets angry seeing Shanaya and Raman hugging.

Ishita dances with Raman on the song Aaj sikhade mujhe love karke…… Niddhi looks on shocked.

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