Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st November 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla talking about Ishita. He says she may get any attack again if she keeps fast. She says no, all the bad things will go off her. Appa asks Amma why is she keeping the fast. Amma says she is doing this for Ishita, she wants to be with Ishita. Appa says everything will be fine today. Amma says I m worried, anything bad can happen. He says don’t worry, think good. She asks him to get ready.

Ishita gets ready. Raman wakes up and asks whats special today that you are getting ready early morning. She asks don’t you know seriously. He says yes, that’s why I m asking and holds her. She says let me go, I m getting late, its Karwachauth today. He says he will compensate and romance. She says she chose punishment for him, he has to be at home all day today. He says thank God I got Ishita back, I forgot my name Ravan Kumar. I have to do something to surprise her.

Vandu wakes up Bala. He says see its darkness outside, let me sleep. Vandu says its Karwachauth, Mrs. Bhalla invited us, Amma kept fast, I kept fast for you. He says thanks for keeping fast for me, come here, we will hug and sleep. She says get up and beats him. She asks him to go and take a shower. He says I married south Indian to avoid fasts. She smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla makes Ishita have sargi. Amma makes Vandu eat it. Vandu asks Simmi to come. Simmi says for whom will I fast. Ishita asks her to keep fast for Ananya. Vandu says yes, you can keep for Ananya’s long life. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to get ready and come. Vandu goes to help Simmi. Ishita says they did not use to get along well, see how they changed, sometimes for good and sometimes for…. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma look at her.

Mrs. Bhalla gifts shagun clothes to Ishita and Sarika. Amma gives shagun to Vandu. Mrs. Bhalla says we will light diya. Ishita says I will light and goes to the idol. Amma says I m scared, she got violent before, how is she normal now. Ishita lights the diya and prays. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Lord. Ishita turns and asks what happened, why are you all seeing me like this. Vandu says you are looking beautiful, that’s why. Amma says you remembered its Karwachauth today, when everyone forgot. She hugs Ishita happily.

The men have a talk. Appa says I want to gift Amma. Raman says yes, but if they came before we came back. Romi says we can do online shopping. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to do shopping fast. Raman asks Bala to sleep on the sofa. Ishita gets mehendi applied. Mrs. Bhalla dances with Pammi and friends. Ishita dances with them, and asks Amma to come. Amma smiles and says Vandu said you are looking beautiful, and applies black dot. Ishita says you kept first Karwachauth for Appa.

Amma says Raman was right, Ishita was in stress, medicines are affecting him. Raman talks to the guy and asks him to deliver goods today. The man says you ordered late, order will come in 2-3 days. Raman says you took extra money, you have to send it. He tells Bala that Abhishek can help them. The man says he checked the location of delivery guy and tells Raman. Raman informs Abhishek.

The sub inspector asks Abhishek when to do inquiry with Bhalla family about gun. Abhishek says not today, Ishita got normal, we will go later. Ishita gets ready in beautiful red dress and smiles seeing the gajra. She says Raman got it, and fixes in hair. Dil kahin rukta nahi………..She smiles and recalls their moments. She applies the sindoor and cleans off from her nose. She says it means Raman loves her a lot.

Mrs. Bhalla reads the Karwachauth story. Amma looks at Ishita. All the women pray. Mrs. Bhalla says the meaning of Karwachauth is woman can do anything for her husband, she can even fight with death. Vandu asks Amma not to stare Ishu like this, she is fine.

Abhishek brings the delivery guy. The guy asks why did he catch him, he did not break traffic rules and was wearing helmet too. Abhishek takes him to deliver the gifts for Raman. Raman takes the gifts and thanks Abhishek. Abhishek says you made me delivery guy today, juniors laugh on me. Raman asks him to stay in the function. Abhishek agrees. The ladies take the plates in their hands and pass on to each other, while singing. Pammi waits for the moon.

Ishita tells Vandu that her mehendi is dark as her husband loves her a lot. Amma comes to Prateek and asks him to come with her, as Ishu is… Prateek says I can’t come, Raman will not like it. Amma says Raman’s life is in danger.

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