Waaris 2nd December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Amba saying don’t know whats written in fate. Amba recalls Bebe’s words. Mannu thinks of Amba’s words and says if Bebe wants a son, you said Papa has other son. Amba asks Mannu not to say this again, sleep now. Yuvraaj comes and lies in her lap. She gets shocked and says you here, did you not sleep. She says I was missing my mum. She says its fine, sleep with me and Mannu. She makes him sleep in her lap.

Its morning, Raavi feels hungry and asks Amba for breakfast. Mannu takes food for Bebe. She scolds Mannu. Raavi thinks what happened to Bebe, she is scolding Mannu. Bebe throws the food and goes angrily. Raavi says something is wrong, Bebe used to praise Mannu, now she hates him. Gunjan says why is Bebe angry, Mannu did something wrong again, so Bebe is annoyed.

thinks to convince Bebe. The people come cheering for Shah ji. The lady praises Mannu for thinking so well, he is a good Shah, we got prasad and new pagdi. She makes Mannu wear the pagdi. Bebe gets angry. The lady says we have to get a solution on some matter, shall we take Mannu. She says Mannu will not go anywhere, he has to go school, I will come, go now. The lady says but there is less time to declare Mannu as Shah, he is Pavaniya’s Waaris.

Bebe says he is not my Waaris, he is not Shah, leave about Shah, he is not even a boy, he is a girl. Amba and Mannu get shocked. The people get shocked and gossip. Amba says no Bebe….. Bebe says Amba lied to me for 7 years, she cheated me, she raised a girl as a boy.

The lady asks did you not find out that Mannu is a girl, you cheated us, tell us. Bebe gets shocked. Her imagination ends. She says I will come and solve the matter, you all go. They leave. Raavi looks on and tells Sushila what Bebe did today, she did not send Mannu, what happened between them. Sushila says Bebe got to know, Jagan you get to work.

The tailor gets Mannu’s sherwani for Shahposhi ceremony. Mannu looks on. Bebe asks the man to leave. Mannu asks Bebe to trust her, she will show by becoming a good Shah. Bebe throws the sherwani and burns it. She says there is no Shah and no Waaris. She throws Charan’s kalgi in the fire. Mannu shouts no and tries to blow off the fire to get the kalgi. Bebe looks on. Mannu gets the kalgi and gets hand burnt. She says you saved kalgi, you can’t save this family. She goes. Mannu says I have to find Charan’s son. He talks to Amba. She refuses to find Charan’s son. He says Bebe is drinking a lot, her heart is hurt, we have to find that boy. Yuvraaj comes and takes Amba’s blessings to find the boy. Yuvraaj asks Amba will he see the pic, he has to find his family. Mannu shouts Yuvraaj, go and find anyone you want, go from here, she is my mummy, I will talk to him. Yuvraaj goes.

Amba asks whats this way to talk, why did you get angry on him, we will not find anyone. She goes. Mannu thinks to find Charan’s Waaris.

Mannu tells Raj that he has to find that boy. Yuvraaj says this is my Papa’s Kalgi. Mannu gets shocked. Jagan catches Yuvraaj and aims gun at him. Bebe asks Amba did you know Yuvraaj is Charan’s son. Amba says yes, I knew it. Bebe raises hand. Mannu comes in between.

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