Vishkanya 7th July 2016 Written Episode

The epi starts wid Vardhan nd Malay in their room. The bell rings. Malay opens door. The waiter comes in. He gives Vardhan a gift syng dat it’s from hotel to honeymoon couples. Vardhan smiles cng Malay and takes it. Sudden power goes and light turns off. Vardhan asks waiter and he says there may be power cut but their electrician will repair it fast. Apu is shown beside the curtain . She goes under or behind the bed smiling and thinking this is da power of luv. Light turns on. Waiter goes out. Vardhan and Malay sleep on bed. Appu smiles and sees the time and says that it’s not yet 12 , and today at 12 Malay will see face of her lover and he will become mine. The Windows starts beating as wind blows .. Vardhan wakes up and closes da window( lights are off) . While Shez cmng to bed a vase without flowers
fell down.. It goes near appus pallu and apu is tensed. Vardhan keeps hand and searches it near apu. Malay wakes up and asks Vardhan what is she dng? Nd she says that vase fell down. Malay asks if he can help? And Vardhan says no thanks I can find it.She couldn’t c nythng. She keeps hand on Apus pallu and thinks y it is sensing differently. Apu gets tensed . Apu drags her pallu. Chipkali moves her hand nd finds vase. She keeps it in its place nd sleep. Apu sees time and it is 12. Apu laughs. Malay wakes up and he is out of his control nd his eyes r roaming. Apu catches his hand and takes him. Malay follows her blindly while chipkali is sleeping.

Scene 2 Mittal mansion

Kalpana is beside curtain of a window. She sees Madan talking with another brother .. He don’t understand anything nd his bro thinks he is mad and goes from der. Kalpana thinks she shud keep an eye on him..

Scene 3 Apus room in hotel

Apu brings Malay to her room.. And opens his shirt and hugs him. She says Malay that she love him and she will do nythng for him.. And is in tears.. They have an eye lock.malay is about to kiss on lips but she remember Kalpana saying she is vishkanya and tightly hugs her avoiding him to kiss. Malay kisses her on her neck. He takes her on to bed while apu looks at door for chipkali . Malay starts romancing her, she says him to have patience but Malay says I waited so much fr u , and can’t wait now. Apu looks at door. Screen freezes on them

Pre cap: apu looks at door . Malay romances her . Vardhan comes and is shocked to see them . Apu sees Vardhan laughing

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