Vishkanya 5th April 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with Malay searches for apu and slightly sees her dress and ons the flash light in his phone.. At that time everybody ons it.. Her face glows.. Malay sees apu for a while and says wowwww….. She stares at him and she gets nervous and holds dupatta.. Malay tells what a beautiful!!!😍😍😍😍… He offers drink which he kept for her.. She refuses he tells no problem and drinks fully… He opens his eyes lights on… Apu goes aside.. Malay searches for her.. Malay bro comes there and asks him why he drank fully??. He asks for apu!!

Kalpana sees apu.. Apu comes to her.. Everybody praises her beauty.. Neighbours ask kalpana is she is u r daughter?? She tells yes and moves forward.. One boy offers hand and she hesitates.. She tells namaste and leaves from there.. Kumkum tells Malay mom that apu is so beautiful!! Malay mother tells she is apu… Kumkum gets shocked… Apu and kalpana comes to apu sister and talks about dress.. They hear some song and they turns back and sees Malay.. Kar guyi chull plays.. He dances and comes down and dances with many girls… Malay comes to apu sister and drags her for dance… He dances with her.. Kalpana sees apu smiling.. And she moves from there.. Malay losts his control and falls on apu.. They share an eyelock😍😍😍😍suddenly white decorations falls around them… Kalpana smiles😁😁while Malay mother smirks both come forward and stand… Malay brother scolds Malay….in his mind. Malay tells u are soo beautiful… She gets up and holds his coat tightly… Song plays… He smiles..

He tells something…. She tries to leave but he holds her hand and tells her to wait.. Kalpana smiles.. While Malay mother smirks.. Kumkum thinks her sister will become kaali maa now!!
Malay tells u r soo beauty..she Tries to leave.. But he holds her hand and speaks to her.. He tells I have a big place in my heart for u from now on… She gets nervous… Malay brother draggs Malay … While all others go to enjoy party…apu comes out and tells sorry to kalpana and gets teary eyes.. She tells apu not to worry and she smiles evilly….

Kalpana tells her to enjoy party… She leaves. Kalpana comes near that decoration and tells today Malay and apu had some moments soon I will unite them and brings her as bahu of the house she smiles evilly…..

Kalpana sees Malay mother and tries to come there.. But she moves but kalpana comes there and holds her hand and speaks to her and tells u r sari is superb and adjusts necklace and tells u are soo beautiful.. She tells today Malay and apu had nice time.. Malay mother tells from now on see I will not let them get close.. Everybody sees them.. Malay mother tells her to get ready… Kalpana tells her also I am ready from now on let us see.. Waiter gives drinks.. Kalpana takes both and offers her but she denies and leaves from there telling her to enjoy the party… Kalpana tells I will unite apu and Malay soon and she smiles….

Precap:I did not watch it guys I have watched zee website video and posted for u

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