Vishkanya 30th May 2016 Written Episode

Vardaan calls Renu and informs all the incidents happened and says there is some connection between Nandita and Kalpana’s families, which they need to find out. Kalpana takes neem and tulsi from kitchen. Vardaan sees her going with a bowl and silently follows her. She goes to room and grinds neem tulsi paste while chatting with Apu. Apu’s body turns blue and she says let it be blue, she wants to go like this in front of Nandita and shock her and even give a slight scratch so that she dies slowly suffering. Kalpana smiles and asks what happened to her. Apu opens windows and says this night is so dark and she wants to fill darkness in Nandita’s life. Kalpana asks her to close window and leaves room. Vardaan clicks Apu’s blue face video and while closing window mobile falls down. Apu senses her presence and Vardan falls down nervously. Apu calls her Roshni and follows her. She hides behind wall and then car and runs into home. Apu follows her blood stains.

Vardaan runs into home and knocks Malay’s door vigorously. Malay opens door and finds Kalpana instead. Kalpana says she lost all marriage items in fire and she is worried. Malay assures her that everything will be alright. She walks from there. Apu holds Vardaan and they both take her to room. Vardaan cries in fear. Kalpana says how could not she sense Nandita and Vardaan’s plan and says they have to kill Vardaan now. Apu says they will not kill any innocent. Kalpana says Vardaan will inform everyone about their secret. Apu says let her inform whatever she likes, nobody will believe her.

Kalpana takes Vardaan’s phone and sees Apu’s blue skin video and says she wants to show this as proof. Apu wipes her body with neem/tulsi water and her skin turns back to normal. She warns Vardan not to interfere when she does not know anything. Vardaan asks why she wants to harm Mittals via Malay. Apu recites Geeta shlok and asks Vardaan to leave this home and even city and never come back. Kalpana says she has even a mother and should think of her life also. Apu gives Vardaan’s dupatta and sends her out.

Precap: Children play football in dirt and dirty football hits an arrogant man. Man tries to hit children with stick, but Apu holds his hand.

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