Vishkanya 30th March 2016 Written Episode

The episode starts with Malay laughing and telling Kumkum aunty that he does not believe in nazar and all. Nandita says she believes in it. He says she had been in London for 10 years and even now she believes in superstitions. Nandita scolds him. Abhi asks Malay if he brought his jacket as he wants to wear it in party. Kumkum starts crying and says she has invited Kalpana/Mamuni and her family to party and Kalpana forced her to invite by doing black magic on her. Her husband asks why did she invite Kalpana, they teacher their children not to mingle with Kalpana’s family, but she herself invited them. Kumkum continues crying. Malay feels dizzy due to the injury he had with Apu’s tear poision.

Abhi asks Malay how does bhootni/Apu look, if she has big nose, long tongue, long hands, inverted legs, etc. Malay smiles reminiscing seeing Apu’s shadow. He says he will watch her today directly.

Apu reminisces Kalpana’s words that she can go out and mingle with people from tomorrow. She peeps from window and sees her favorite rabbit in garden. Malay comes and picks rabbit and thinks Apu will come out to take it. He climbs ladder and calls Apu to come and take rabbit. She peeps from window, then draws curtain and takes rabbit. He tries to look at her face unsuccessfully. He invites her for tomorrow’s party, says shubh ratri, gets down ladder, and falls unconscious due to Apu’s tear poison.

Apu sees that and worriedly rushes down. She tries to open door, but stops and runs to her mom’s room and knocks door. Kalpana opens door and asks what happened. Apu says Malay fell unconscious on road and tells her what happened. Kalpana asks if she touched him. Apu says she does not remember and requests her to help Malay. Kalpana asks her to go and rest and thinks if he fell unconscious because of Apu. If it is, then her plan will fail.

Precap: Kalpana thinks she will unite Malay and Apu at any cost.

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