Vishkanya 30th August 2016 Written Episode

Mandira goes out wearing shawl and meets her friend chudail who comes out of tree. Apu ffollows her and Malay folllows Apu. Mandira’s friend chudail Lakshini comes out and greets her as her highness and says she knows she came to take kill Apu. Mandira says this time she has a prey/Avi for her and just like she keeps her youth with men’s blood, he can use Avi, she should lure Avi with her charm. LAkshini asks if he does not want to kill Apu and get her poison. Mandira says not now and says she should call her Rani sahiba at Mittal house and not her highness.

Lakshini senses Apu coming and hides. Apu comes and holds Mandira’s neck from behind and says she will not spare her today. Malay comes and stops Apu and shows how dare she is to stragulate his aunt. She says
she thought it is black smoke chudail who is hauntiing their house. Mandira says she came to this tree as it bears a very rare flower once in many years, which will get good luck for our family, but could not get it. Lakshini thinks her highness is a good actor.

Malay drags Apu home and throws her on ground and warns to stay in her limits and stop her black smoke drama, he lost Apu because of black smoke and does not want to lose anyone. Apu asks why should she obey his order when she is not her wife or anyone, she is just here to take care of him for the promise she made to her friend Vardaan. He holds her hand tightly and it gets injured. Their nok jhok continues and he walks out angrily.

Nandita brings prepares paranthas for Mandira and says went to kitchen after many years just or her. Mandira enjoys paranthas. Malay and Avi join her. Mandira says she has found a girl for Avi. Malay says if she gives guaruantee, nobody will question girl. He says parantha is very spicy. Nandita asks Mandira to stop as she is allergic to chillies. Mandira thinks she does not know what all real Mandira was allergic to or what she ate, says she got her allergic treatment long ago.

Apu goes to terrace to dry clothes. Malay comes and applies ointment on her hand. She gets emotional and tears roll down her eyes. Malay tries to wipe it, but she stops. Tears fall on floor and leaves catch fire. They both look at each other emotionally.

Precap: Nandita gives Mandira’s childhood box with mirrror in it and Madira pushes it. Apu picks box and thinks what is in it that Mandira is so afraid of. Mandira brings her friend chudail home. Apu thinks Mandira brought her with some reason.

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