Vishkanya 23rd July 2016 Written Episode

Kalpana pours kerosene on herself and says she will burn herself for the insult she is bearing because of Apu. She asks Malay he brought Apu here to protect her, this is how he protected her. Eunuchs come and start torturing Apu. Neighbors start their drama and badmouth about Apu that she is characterless and should be kicked out of their society. One of them says he will sell Apu in brothel. Vardaan is shocked and says no…Apu hides behind Malay and pleads to save her. Ladies drag Apu and torture her and gents hold Apu. Nandita smirks. Malay sees Apu being tortured and reminisces all the recent events. He pushes all men holding him and then fills Apu’s head with kumkum saying she is his wife now.

Neighbors leave yelling it is their usual drama. Kumkum yells Malay did this to save family’s dignity, but whatever Kalpana and her daughter did is unforgivable, Apu should be thrown in brothel. Kalpana says whatever Malay did with Apu, she herself will throw Apu in brothel. Kumkum says this marriage is not real and tries to wipe Apu’s sindhoor, but Apu holds her hand and warns to back off, this sindhoor is her life now and pushes her.

Kalpana congratulates Apu for her new life and taunts Nandita that they are samdhi now. Apu tells Vardaan that she will be respected as Malay’s first wife always. Malay and Vardaan stand in a shock.

Precap: Apu looking at her sindhoor says it brought her self-respect and pride. Vardaan locks herself in room and tries to hang herself..

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