Vishkanya 22nd July 2016 Written Episode

Vardaan calls neighbors and invites for satyanarayan pooja at 7:30. Neighbors says still there is a lot of time. Vardaan says asks to be on time and disconnects. She with Abhi checks clocks and all clocks show 7:10 p.m. She realizes Apu trapped her in her own game. She opens Apu’s room and is shocked to see Apu and Malay sleeping on bed. Apu wakes up and laughs on Vardaan that she must be thinking why her plan failed. She says she now must have realizedhow much she loves Malay. Malay wakes up and is shocked to see himself in Apu’s room.

Kalpana comes to Mittal mansion and asks kumkum where is Vardaan, she invited her for pooja. Kumkum takes her to pooja room. All ladies gather and Kalpana starts pooja.

Apu then tells Malay that they don’t have to hide their love now as Vardaan has seen them together today. Malay tries to explain Vardaan, but she stands in a shock and then tightly slaps Apu. Kalpana hears sound and asks what is this sound. Neighbors say something has falling. She runs inside followed by neighbors.

Apu says Vardaan if she wants to see Malay and her love and shows her lipstick marks on Malay’s whole body. Kalpana with neighbors enter and is shocked to hear Apu’s comments. She slaps Apu for her heinous act and asks Malay he brought her here to protect her, this is how he wanted to protect her. Guests start badmouthing about Apu that she is characterless like her mouth.

Precap: Kalpana says Malay that he fulfilled his desires, who will accept Apu now. She pours kerosene on her body and says she will kill herself. Malay applies sindhoor on Apu’s forehead and says she is his wife now.

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