Vishkanya 19th July 2016 Written Episode

Apu brings Nandita on her wheelchair near stairs and calls Vardaan. Vardaan gets worried and pleads to leave aunty. Apu says Nandita will die if she leaves her from stairs and says the heinous acts and sins Nandita did are unforgivable. Malay with Avi and Kumkum speeds car towards home thinking someone played prank and Nandita and Vardaan’s lives are in danger. Apu threatens Vardaan to keep her mouth shut or she will drop Nandita. Vardaan rushes up and says she will be exposed soon. Apu pushes her towards railing and says she does not want to kill her, she just keep her mouth shut. Vardaan agrees and Apu pulls her back.
Malay escapes from an accident and says he remembered Vardaan when he was about to crash car. He reaches home. Apu gets happy seeing him, but he passes ignoring
her and hugs Vardaan asking if she is fine. Apu fumes in jealousy. She asks Kumkum why did they come so early, if they met aunty or not. Kumkum says someone made a hoax call and caller’s phone is switched off. Malay says it is not a hoax call, someone wants to harm their family, earlier Nandita was found out and now this call, but nobody can harm their family. Vardaan says yes. Kumkum says she will go and rest. Malay drops Nandita to her room. Apu warns Vardaan to keep her mouth shut like this. Vardaan thinks she will expose Apu’s secret at any cost.

Vardaan goes to temple lady who is meditating at her home and says she does not have much time and came lying that she is going to temple. Lady asks if she came to talk about vishkanya. Vardaan asks how does she know. Lady says she knows from the beginning. Vardaan says she could not expose Apu. Lady says only Apu can expose herself. She says vishkana loses her powers on amavasya and her skin will turn blue. Apu realizes tomorrow is amavasya and she will be in severe pain. She reminisces her childhood when she turns blue and shouts in pain and Kalpana asks her to bear it for 1 day. Lady tells Vardaan that nothing will happen if someone eats Apu’s prepared food tomorrow and she should expose Apu tomorrow when she is most weak.

Precap: Vardaan asks Apu to prepare prasad for satyanarayan pooja. Apu thinks why Vardaan wants to make prasad when she will be too weak. Vardaan thinks Apu cannot hide her blue color tomorrow. Malay cleans Vardaan’s wound. Apu thinks Vardaan is so clear and is trying to grab Malay, she will not let that happen.

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