Vishkanya 16th June 2016 Written Episode

Malay is about to open Vardaan’s veil when Apu comes and stands wearing veil. He goes and opens her veil and is surprised to see Apu. Nandita yells what did she come here. Apu says she did not come to harm them and just wants to participate in function, she wants to start a new friendship. Nandita yells this is family function and drags her hand to send her out. Even her brothers start yelling. Vardaan stops Nandita and says Apu has come for a friendship and should get one. She hugs Apu. Apu thanks for understanding her.

Vardaan goes to room and over phone informs her mother that Apu came seekig friendship, but she is up to something else. Renu asks her to be careful. Nandita comes and warns her not to go against her wish and scolds for befriending Apu.

Pandit serves aarti to everyone after pooja. Grave digger Nikunj gives credit card as dakshina and does some jokergiri. He then silently picks money bundles from aarti thali. Apu sees that and thinks he is so greedy, his greed will kill him now.

Nikunj is still busy thinking about money. At night, he sleeps with Madan. Madan asks him to remind to call Atosh in the morning and falls asleep. Nikunj yells he has to remind him always. He gets Apu’s SMSes posing as some company representatative and writing that he won some contest and if he needs money, he should reply yes. He happily replies yes. Apu thinks greed is bad and will kill him.

Precap: Malay from his room sees Apu walking in her corridor wearing sari and holding lamp. He walks near window to watch her. She burns hand with lamp by mistake. Malay gets concerned. Vardaan sees that and gets jealous.

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