Udaan 8th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suraj getting a bad dream about Chakor’s life in danger. He wakes up and thinks where did Chakor go. He thinks of her. He thinks whats happening, why am I thinking of her. He gets ache in leg. He says she does not respect me, why do I care, she did not send juice for me, maybe she is having breakfast, I will go and catch her red handed, she was acting ad showing concern yesterday.

Bhaiya ji and Ranjana torture a man. Bhaiya ji asks his men to leave the man. He asks his man whats this, that lean man could make this pole fall. Suraj calls out Chakor and asks her to give him breakfast. He says where did she go, did Bhaiya ji and Ragini do something with her. Bhaiya ji gets the metal chains and says put metal pole here. Bhaiya ji tells Ranjana that there are two things now,
to make Suraj bandhua and make him chained. Suraj comes there. Ranjana says your dream will complete son. Bhaiya ji laughs. Suraj goes to them. Ranjana says you will succeed when Chakor is not with Suraj. Bhaiya ji says Chakor reached there, we will get news soon. Suraj hears this and asks where did you send Chakor. Ranjana puts grass on the metal chains to hide it. Suraj asks what is this new drama. Bhaiya ji says I wish you learnt to control your wife.

Suraj says stop nonsense, tell me. Bhaiya ji kicks him and Suraj falls. Bhaiya ji says you are worried for your wife, Chakor went Delhi, sports commission called her, she went alone, anything can happen. Suraj holds his collar and asks what did you do. Bhaiya ji says Chakor is your shield, we will not do till she is there, now she went Delhi alone, if I do something… Ranjana smiles. Suraj holds his neck tight. Bhaiya ji says go, leave me, show power there, anything can happen, run. Suraj runs. Bhaiya ji sings and dances.

Vivaan comes office. His secretary Pooja cries. He asks whats the matter. She says nothing. He gets Imli’s call and disconnects. Imli says maybe he is busy. Vivaan asks Pooja what happened. He asks peon why is Pooja crying. Peon says people are saying Pooja got job as she is beautiful and wears modern clothes, not because she is talented. Vivaan scolds him. He tells Pooja that she got job by her qualifications and talents. She asks really, is my clothing not related to it, will you fire me. He says no, you just work hard, they will respect you for your work. She thanks and hugs him. Peon sees them and smiles saying khichdi is cooking. Vivaan says its fine, just work hard. Pooja smiles.

Chakor buys bus ticket. Suraj drives the jeep and is on the way. Suraj’s jeep stops. He tries to start it. He goes by walk. Chakor boards the bus. Bhaiya ji gets call and says its big news for me, I want to see that, thanks. Ranjana gets tea. He says its good news, we made plan for Chakor, she will be out of our way soon. Everything is happening fine, I saw your face when I woke up. She smiles.

Suraj hangs to the bus. A man sees him and asks the bus driver to stop bus, someone is hanging. The bus stops. Te man asks Suraj is he fine. Suraj says yes. Chakor sees Suraj and gets down the bus. She says you came here in this state, I have to go Delhi. He says I know. She says Imli would have told you, why did you come here. He says no, Bhaiya ji told me. She asks what, how did he know. He says because he cheated you and made this plan. The man asks Chakor to sit in bus if she has to go. Suraj asks Chakor can’t she understand, Bhaiya ji wants to kill her and then get after him. Chakor says I can’t get scared and cancel my trip. Suraj says fine, but I can cancel to go back, you saved my life many times, this time its my turn, I will come along. She asks him to see his state, he is injured. Suraj asks her to come. A man shuts door after Chakor boards bus. Suraj shouts to them to stop the bus. Chakor asks conductor to stop the bus. The bus stops. Suraj says are you deaf, am I saying since long. Driver and conductor say we did not do anything. Suraj asks who has shut the door. Suraj’s wound bleeds. Suraj sees the man staring at Chakor and slaps him, asking why did you shut door, tell me who has sent you. The man asks how did you beat me. Suraj slaps him again. Chakor asks Suraj to stop.

Chakor and Suraj take help from a truck. Chakor asks Suraj to sleep, as he is tired. Suraj sleeps. She asks truck driver is this someone else’s truck. The man scolds her and asks her to sit quiet. Chakor shouts Suraj.

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