Udaan 7th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji telling his plan to kill Chakor first. He says when queen dies, king will die, and then game ends. Chakor comes there and looks on. They laugh. They get shocked seeing Chakor. Bhaiya ji asks what are you doing here. Chakor says I came to see Ragini, is she fine. He asks is this fair, you are acting, you maybe happy to win. She says if its victory to save someone’s life, I m happy, I can’t keep hatred in me, I have come to see Ragini, you gave this hatred to Ragini, it may happen that you get burnt in that hatred fire. He scolds her and says you will teach me now, she is acting mad because of you, you have to pay for this. She says I will not be scared, I will send you jail soon by collecting evidences, my life’s aim is to punish you for your sins. He asks her to get
lost before he does anything. She says I m going, I took part in Asian games, you have some time to be free, then your end is not far.

He says get out and shouts….. She smiles and leaves. He says I will not leave her, she is going Asian games to Delhi. Ranjana calms him. He gets an idea and laughs saying my big work happened. Ranjana asks whom are you calling. He calls Lalit and says I heard my bahu Chakor is coming Delhi for Asian games, is this true, do something that she leaves from Aazaadgunj, can this happen, thanks a lot. Ranjana smiles. He laughs madly.

Imli looks for Vivaan. She collides with Bijli. Bijli says vegs fell, now I have to wash it. Imli asks where is Vivaan. Bijli smiles and goes. Imli says whats the matter, and asks Girja. Girja smiles and goes. Imli says why are they smiling. Vivaan gets the food for Imli and says you are special, my loving wife, let me serve you sometime, I realized I behaved badly. Sorry, if I was in your place, maybe I would do same thing. He serves her food with love. She smiles. He feeds the food. She says its very tasty, but I want to tell something, I m also sorry, I will not hide anything, promise. He says I know you will never hide anything. She says I don’t want to fight.

He says even I don’t like fighting, I feel there is something less, but we will have love in our life, this is first and last fight of our life, have food now. He says now I will leave for office. She says fine, I will get food for you there. He leaves. She gets a call. Chakor comes there. She asks Bijli to give Suraj’s breakfast to her, she will take it. Imli says its call for you from sports committee. Chakor talks and says yes, tell me, what I have to leave today, why are you calling me so soon. The call ends. Imli asks whats the matter. Chakor says don’t know whats the mater, they are calling me Delhi office soon, practice is later on, they said they have sent letter for me, I have to reach before. She gets email also. Imli says you are big star, when do you have to reach. Chakor says I have to leave today itself. Bhaiya ji smiles.

Chakor says Suraj slept late, let him sleep, I will go. Imli asks how will you go without telling Suraj. Chakor says he needs rest, I will leave, else I will get late. Imli asks her to have food on the way and goes. Chakor packs her bag. Suraj keeps hand on her dupatta. She turns and sees him. She slowly takes her dupatta by moving his hand, and gets away. She sees him, take her bag and leaves from the room. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini to go and ask Chakor where is she going. Ragini says I know she is going Delhi. He laughs seeing Chakor and says Delhi is just her end, she is going out of haveli to meet her end. She asks what do you mean. He says you make good plans, but you should control your flaws and weakness, how to show down enemies, learn from me, Chakor was Suraj’s shield, see how I make Suraj alone. He laughs.

Bhaiya ji tells Suraj that Chakor has gone to Delhi, sports commission called her alone, anyone can do anything. Chakor takes ticket. Suraj drives and reaches the bus. He hangs to the bus.

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