Udaan 6th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chakor threatening Bhaiya ji. Imli comes and aims gun at Bhaiya ji, asking him not to expect any pity from her, ask the men to put guns down, I will not miss the aim. She sees Vivaan and asks him why did he not answer her calls, I was worried. Vivaan says we can talk later. Imli asks Bhaiya ji to tell his men to put gun down. They all put guns down. Chakor asks Yadav to take his family away soon. Imli asks what about proof. Chakor says we will see proof later, first we have to send jailer away, else they will kill him. Yadav hugs his wife and son. His wife thanks Chakor. Jailer blesses Chakor and leaves with his family.

Bhaiya ji says this jailer was the only witness, how will you send me to jail now. Chakor says don’t be happy, I will find more witness till I send you
to jail. She asks him to leave with Ragini and Ranjana. Bhaiya ji leaves. Suraj praises Chakor’s planning and says its good I agreed to you, else I would have died. FB shows Chakor aiming gun at Suraj and stopping him. She makes Yadav call Ragini. Vivaan applies Suraj’s wound blood on his neck. FB ends. Chakor says I did not know my plan will work out or not, thank Lord, if anything happened to you today, I…. Vivaan goes. Imli goes after Vivaan. Suraj and Chakor look at each other.

Imli calls out Vivaan and asks him to wait. She says scold me, but stop, I m ready to bear your annoyance, don’t leave me. He says you promised me you will leave gun and stay as normal wife, could I not give you happiness, do you think I m useless, can’t I earn for you without your help, what do you think of me. She says you are mistaken, I love you a lot. He says that’s why, you kept gun at Raunak’s head. She cries and says yes, I did not wish to hurt anyone, I wanted to end Ragini’s fear from Raunak’s heart, and today I was helpless, Suraj, Chakor and you needed me, you stop me from lifting gun, you have also lifted gun today to save Suraj’s life. He says what else could I do. She asks what else could I do Vivaan. She promises she will not lift gun till there is urgency and she will never hide anything from him. She says forgive me, don’t get angry, we both did mistakes, we both are bit right. They sit on the benches on the road. He sees her crying. They leave. Some villagers pass by. Vivaan holds her hand. She smiles.

Chakor does aid to Suraj’s leg. He screams and says I m hurt, bullet has hurt me. She says its like scratch, bullet just touched you and passed, let me apply medicine. He says I know you are having fun seeing me screaming and applying that medicine. She laughs and says I did not know you are afraid of something, you are a kid by heart and got tall in height, sit here. She does the aid and asks him to sit quiet. He holds her hand tightly. She looks at him. She asks him to stop the drama. He alls her jagat mata. They argue. She applies more medicine and says I m doing this so that you get fine soon, I did not know you turn brave and get scared so easily. He says I will show whats pain and holds her arm. She screams. He says sorry, I held hand tightly.

They talk about Bhaiya ji. She says we have to wait to get evidence, I m sure he will do some mistake. He says if he kills either of us then… Ragini aims gun at herself and recalls Suraj. She shoots at the mirror and says I can never lose, I have lost, I have no right to stay alive. Ranjana gets shocked. Bhaiya ji comes and stops Ragini from shooting herself. Ragini shouts on him as he has slapped her. Bhaiya ji hugs her and says you are born to kill my enemies, you can’t kill yourself, have medicine. Ranjana makes her have medicine to calm her anger. Ragini says I will not leave anyone. Bhaiya ji says we will kill everyone, take rest first. Ragini says i will kill Chakor. They make her sleep.

Bhaiya ji tells Ranjana that Chakor always comes in between us and Suraj, she protects him, we try to kill Suraj and she fails us, I always fail because of her. He recalls Chakor saving Suraj. He says we have to first make Chakor away, before Suraj. She says you mean we have to kill Chakor. He says yes, she is Suraj’s queen, if queen dies, king will also die, then the game will end. They laugh.

Chakor gets call from Asian games committee. She tells Imli that they are calling me Delhi, but why so soon. Suraj asks Bhaiya ji where did you send Chakor. Bhaiya ji threatens him about Chakor. Suraj hangs to the bus to reach Chakor.

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