Udaan 5th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Chakor getting shocked seeing Suraj wounded. She worries for him. Suraj says jailer Yadav tried to kill me. She asks where is he. He says there….. Imli takes Bijli’s help. Bijli asks the goon to see the fire.

Imli hits the goon and runs out of haveli. Yadav asks Suraj to kill him, else Ragini will kill me, she will doubt as I did not answer her call. Chakor says there is one way to get saved, if you call Ragini and say what she wants to hear. He says she wants to hear that Suraj is dead. Chakor says it means, your family’s life depends on Suraj’s death. Vivaan and Suraj ask what is she saying. Suraj doubts on her intentions. Chakor says stop it Suraj, Ragini wants this to happen, Yadav do as I say if you have to save your wife and child.

She gets the gun
and gives to Yadav. Suraj says now I understand, you became jagat mata, you want me to die and show sacrifice of husband to save policeman’s wife, I don’t want to die, I m going. She says stop, stand quiet, else I will shoot. She aims gun at him. Ragini says how dare jailer not answering my call, I will kill him. Ranjana says calm down. Yadav calls her and says Suraj is dead, return my family now. Ragini gets glad and says congrats, Suraj is dead. Ranjana gets glad and smiles.

Ragini laughs. Ranjana asks how do we know he is saying true, tell him to click pic and send him. Ragini says how to believe you, send his pic to me. Yadav says no, I won’t send. Ragini asks what. Yadav says if you don’t believe me, I can’t believe, if you kill my family then, if you want Suraj, get my family here, else I will go to police and tell truth. She scolds him. He says get my family fast. She agrees and says be there, I will get your family there. She ends call.

She says I have to give this big news to Papa. Ranjana recalls his words and says no, he will get angry, don’t tell him. Ragini says yes, but now Suraj is dead, I have to tell Papa, I have a way to convince him that I did right. They go to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji says I got tired, I had to walk. He asks servant to get car. Ragini says Suraj is dead and smiles. He angrily slaps her. Ragini gets shocked.

He says how dare you do this, I told you I want Suraj alive, you cheated me. She says I did not cheat you, I m your daughter, I will not do anything to make you regret, think of Suraj, who tried to kill you. He says stop nonsense, I said I want Suraj alive. Ranjana signs Ragini to be quiet. Ragini says Suraj is that son who did final rites when you were alive, he has no rights to be alive, even then I tried, I regret jailer killed Suraj before reading my message. Ranjana smiles. Ragini says its good Suraj died, else he would try to kill you or send you to jail. He thinks. He smiles that his enemy is dead. He says I can’t believe my enemy is dead, I will see Suraj dead. They smile.

Bhaiya ji, Ragini and Ranjana come to factory to see Suraj’s dead body. Ragini’s men get jailer’s family. He says I had other plans. But now I m happy seeing Suraj dead. They get glad seeing Suraj dead. Bhaiya ji says Suraj wanted to kill me, see how he is lying here. Ragini asks him to put flowers on Suraj’s dead body. Bhaiya ji says why not, he is my son, come Ranjana, you also do it. They put flowers on Suraj and smile. He says we will observe silence for Suraj now.

He laughs and says I can’t believe this. Yadav asks Ragini to return his family now. Ragini says yes, and gets his wife and son there. She stops jailer and says I m not fool to leave you all alive, catch Yadav. Her men catch Yadav. She says I feel its risky to keep the promise, you will tell about my name, so I broke the promise, you killed Suraj, and Suraj shot you, how is my plan, its good right, don’t worry for your wife and son, I will send them to you. Bhaiya ji laughs. Ragini says no one will doubt on my Papa, you be ready to die now. Yadav says don’t kill me. Suraj says Ragini…..they all get shocked seeing Suraj alive. Ragini says this can’t happen, you have to die, I can’t leave you alive. Chakor shouts don’t try Ragini and aims gun at Bhaiya ji. Vivaan aims gun at Ranjana. They all get shocked. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji not to act smart, else she will bury them under the flowers.

Suraj says its good I agreed to Chakor, else I would have died. Chakor says its good everything got fine, if anything happened to you, I…. Ragini shoots mirror and says how can I lose to Suraj, I should die. Ranjana gets shocked.

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