Udaan 3rd January 2017 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Chakor and everyone getting glad seeing Kasturi conscious. Bhuvan thanks Lord. Kasturi says I m fine. She asks for kada. Imli says sit with Maai, I will make kada. Bhuvan says I got scared, I would have been alone if anything happened to you. Chakor calls Suraj and says Kasturi is fine. Suraj says you are lying to stop me. Chakor asks him to talk to Kasturi. She asks Kasturi to say she is fine. Kasturi says I m fine. Chakor asks Suraj to go. Suraj says I can’t take risk, I m coming here. She asks why, you think you are hero and can win over Bhaiya ji, listen to me, swear on me, Kasturi gave big sacrifice, don’t let that go waste, if you come here, I will not see your face, I will not talk to you. She ends call. Suraj asks servant to take car to Patna, Chakor does not want me to
come back, maybe she is right, this is not right time to take revenge.

Chakor says I angrily ended call, I wish Suraj is not coming back. Vivaan says don’t worry, he will understand its danger here. Imli says yes, Suraj is not a fool, he listens to you. Vivaan says Suraj gets scared of Chakor’s threatenings and agrees to her. Chakor smiles and says I wish he reaches far, I will be relieved that his life has no danger.

Its morning, Bhaiya ji meets all villagers. He says we will stop water supply by shutting this well. Chagan says don’t do this. Bhaiya ji asks them to put pressure on Chakor and find out Suraj, else I will stop ration too, once Chakor tells about Suraj, I will free all wells. He thinks Chakor decide whom to save, Suraj or villagers.

All villagers ask Chakor to tell Bhaiya ji about Suraj. Imli says Chakor is supporting Suraj as she supports you all. Kishor says let Suraj die. Chagan says free us from this problem. Bhuvan says they are right, Kasturi is fighting with death because of Suraj, save all of us. Chagan says we would have agreed if you saved a saint, Suraj is a sinner, when I told him about Kasturi, he did not care to come, he is selfish. Tejaswini says its about saving Suraj’s life, Bhaiya ji will kill him if he comes back. Chakor prays to get some way.

She gets message from Suraj. She says I m going to Bhaiya ji. Imli stops her. Chakor goes. She comes to haveli. Bhaiya ji says I knew you will come, till when will you stick to fake husband, you want to save villagers by telling me about Suraj, where is he, tell me. She smiles.

He says Suraj troubled you a lot in past, don’t worry, I will win like always. He laughs. He asks where is Suraj. She says you check this first. He reads Suraj’s message about his flight take off. She says this is Suraj’s message sent 15 mins before, his flight took off, now who has won and who lost, tell me, accept that you lost, I pity on you, I was going to tell you Suraj’s address to save villagers, but savior is powerful than one who kills. She says even if I give you Suraj’s address, you can’t do anything, if you stop villagers’ food and water, they will work less, it will be your loss, accept your failure and leave Aazaadgunj on its state. He gets angry. He goes to check bandhua stamp. He says Chakor is curse in my life, she always failed me, I wanted to punish Suraj, she saved Suraj. He recalls her words. He sees Chakor laughing and shoots. He gets mad.

Chakor cries and says I m happy Suraj, not because Bhaiya ji lost, but because you are safe, you don’t need to come back here, can I meet you again. Vivaan and Imli see her. Imli gets food for her. Chakor says I m not hungry. Imli asks why are you worried, Suraj and villagers are safe, are you missing Suraj. Vivaan says no need to worry, Kasturi is recovering now, have food. Bhaiya ji calls someone and asks him to get something soon.

Imli says I m seeing you worry for Suraj a lot. Chakor says no, I m worried if Suraj is fine. Vivaan says yes, why not. Imli says Suraj will reach safely, what will we do in celebrations. Chakor asks what. Imli says we need excuse to celebrate, Suraj got saved, Maai got fine, you both can forget, but I can’t, its birthday of you both. They smile. Bhaiya ji gets the bomb and smiles. He says no gift can be better than this for Chakor, Chakor’s birthday will turn to death day. He laughs.

Girja tells Tejaswini that Bhaiya ji said he will turn Chakor’s birthday to death day. Tejaswini says I have to stop Chakor from going to haveli.

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