Udaan 2nd January 2017 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji saying Kasturi is alive, she did not die, she will be alive for some time, but we will not let you take her to hospital, now Chakor will tell us where is Suraj. Bhuvan asks Chakor to save Kasturi. Kasturi says no Chakor. Chakor cries. Bhuvan says Chakor, tell about Suraj and save Kasturi. Kasturi asks her not to say. Chakor says I m ready to say. She recalls Suraj. She says I have sent Suraj much far. Tejaswini comes and shuts Chakor’s mouth, asking her not to tell Bhaiya ji about Suraj.

Chakor makes Tejaswini away and asks what are you saying, you are thinking of your son, think of my mum who supported you, I also worry for Suraj, what will I do if anything happens to my mum. Tejaswini says I will not let anything happen to Kasturi. She stands in front of Bhuvan
and Kasturi, and asks Chakor to take them. She asks Bhaiya ji to shoot her if he wants. Ranjana asks him to kill Tejaswini and fulfill her wish, it will be one benefit, Suraj will see her mum’s pain and come running. Bhaiya ji aims at Tejaswini. Chakor beats the goons and goes to free Bhuvan and Kasturi. Goons stop them. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji to shoot her.

Chakor asks what are you saying. Tejaswini asks them to leave, its time to payback your favors. Ranjana asks Bhaiya ji to shoot Tejaswini. Chakor leaves with her parents. Tejaswini says I know you can’t kill me. Bhaiya ji asks her to get lost. Tejaswini goes. Ranjana asks Bhaiya ji why did you not kill Tejaswini, did you forget she and her son are our enemies, does she have soft corner in your heart, then what’s use of my adornment. He asks what’s this jealousy, what will I get by killing Tejaswini, it will be another issue, I want to find Suraj, be quiet, shall I kick you out of haveli, I just want Suraj.

Suraj is on the way and says I feel bad to run away from Aazaadgunj like coward. Servant says you are not coward, you left place to get enemy inside, like in kabaddi. Suraj says thanks, you are my true friend. Servant says no, I m just servant. Suraj says no, I regarded you my friend.

Ragini asks Bhaiya ji how did you let Tejaswini leave. He says calm down, I thought well. She asks what, you shot Kasturi, you should have shot Tejaswini, Chakor did not open her mouth, Chakor took Kasturi, what was the use, I think you have gone mad. He shouts and asks her to talk with manners. He says I m your father, you find Suraj, then I will accept you are intelligent. She says I knew you will do some mistake so I made plan, I will catch Suraj. He says you can’t do anything. She says I will do it and not tell you how I did it. She keeps her hand on his head and swears to put Suraj in his feet, else she will never show her face. She calls someone and goes. He says mad girl, really, she does not know to whom is she talking in anger, she is talking to her father.

Servant says its my mum’s call, I will just come. Suraj says fine, I will talk to Chakor. Suraj calls Chakor and says why is she not answering, then she will call I don’t call her. He calls Imli. Servant goes away to attend call. Suraj says Imli and Chakor are not answering, is there any problem.

Chakor cries seeing Kasturi. Bhuvan asks doctor to save Kasturi, Imli comes running and sees Kasturi. Doctor says there is much bleeding, if she passes this night, she will survive. He goes. Chakor and Imli cry.

Suraj calls Chakor again. Chakor does not see call. Chagan sees the call and thinks how to give phone to Chakor, she is not in state to talk. He answers call. Suraj asks Chakor why are you not answering. Chagan says how will she answer call, her mum is not fine, your father asked about you Chakor did not tell him, Bhaiya ji shot Kasturi, she is still unconscious. Suraj gets shocked. Chakor asks why did you tell Suraj. Chagan says Suraj should know this, Bhaiya ji shot Kasturi because of Suraj. She says you ruined my hard work. Suraj asks servant to take u turn, we are going back to Aazaadgunj.

Bhaiya ji asks his men to find Suraj and scolds. He asks his man to tell villagers to meet him near village well tomorrow morning. Bhuvan prays for Kasturi. Chakor asks Kasturi to open eyes and get fine, why did you risk your life for us, get up. Yeh houslon ki udaan hai….plays………. Chakor and Imli ask Kasturi to open eyes. Kasturi gets conscious. They all smile. Chakor and Imli hug Kasturi.

Chakor asks what celebration. Imli says its your birthday. Bhaiya ji says Chakor’s birthday will turn to death day by this gift.

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