Udaan 29th December 2016 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji shouting and saying I will find Suraj and Chakor. He goes. Ragini says I will catch Suraj and Chakor. Bhaiya ji reaches Aazaadgunj’s outer limits. Goon says they are not here. Bhaiya ji says I can see that, Lord gave me eyes. Goon says there is another route. Someone sees them. Bhaiya ji asks him to drive fast, we will get Chakor there. Chakor tells Imli that sending Suraj in Bhaiya ji’s car got succeeded, we reached outside Aazaadgunj, now he will go ahead in servant’s car. Imli also talks to Suraj. Suraj says its time for me to leave, thanks for what you and Vivaan did for me, take care and also of this mad girl. She asks who. He says Chakor, she wants to fight with everyone, I will be not there to take care of her. Imli smiles and asks him do you care for her,
you will miss her, why. He says no, its nothing like that, I m thinking its good i m going, I will get rid of daily fights.

Chakor hears this and tells Imli that its time for him to leave. She ends call. She asks Suraj am I mad, I think you want to go up, shall I send you up. He asks were you hearing my talk. She says you don’t understand anything. They argue. He says I m going, I will drink, there will be none to stop me. Bhaiya ji says I feel we will not get them there. His car breaks down. His goon checks the car.

Suraj says why do I feel its our last fight. She says no, you will come back after I send Bhaiya ji to jail. He says even then we will not be together. They see each other. He says we forgo to take divorce, if it happened, it would have been good for you, I mean easier for you, you could marry the guy of your choice and start a new life with him. She says no, you feel you spoiled everything by not giving me divorce, why, I will not marry again, I don’t think I m made for marriage, I m from those girls who take flight alone, but you think about this, you will get someone nice. He asks me, can any nice girl bear me. He asks her am I bad husband and bad person. She says no, not so bad, else I would have not stayed with you, and not do this for you, I think you find me a bad wife. He says you did a lot for me, that person will be fool to call you bad, I m not fool.

Bhaiya ji asks the goon/driver to hurry up. Chakor says its late, its your time to leave. Suraj says yes. Servant asks him to come fast, it will be night till we reach Patna. Suraj asks Patna? He says yes, Chakor said that. Chakor asks Suraj to go Patna and then Dubai. She gives him tickets and says I m sending you too far that Bhaiya ji can never reach you, he can’t harm you.

Bhaiya ji checks the dicky. He gets a cloth piece and says its Suraj’s tshirt cloth. He recalls stopping the car mid way. He says they fooled us again, sit in car, drive fast, Suraj can leave. Suraj asks Chakor are you feeling cold. She nods. He says you gave all my jackets to people, if I had jacket, I would have made you wear it now. Servant gives a jacket saying it was in car. Suraj recalls giving it to Chakor. Chakor takes it and wears. She smiles and says I will keep it thinking of your memory. Suraj smiles. Bhaiya ji is on the way. Chakor says I can’t believe you got guy’s jacket for me, do you think I m of your size. He says yes, I thought of your brain size, its too big. She laughs. She hugs him.

Bhaiya ji asks goon to drive fast. Suraj says be a winner always. Servant asks Suraj to come. Suraj sits in the car. Chakor gets sad. They wave bye to each other. He leaves. She cries and thinks of Suraj. She turns to go. Bhaiya ji comes there. He gets down the car. She says you caught me, but its late, bird has flown, cage is vacant, you can never find Suraj, I will never tell you, I like to meet you like this to see your lost face. He gets angry. She goes. Udaan hai….plays…. He says you can’t make me lose this way, I will do something that you tell me where is Suraj.

Bhaiya ji catches Kasturi and Bhuvan. Chakor says I will not tell you about Suraj. Bhaiya ji laughs and says you are saving husband and not parents. He shoots Kasturi. Chakor and Bhuvan shout.

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