Udaan 28th December 2016 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Chakor being glad to save Suraj. Bhaiya ji hears her and asks about Suraj. She says I saved him, I won the bet, you lost, I got Suraj freed. Vivaan says don’t try to catch him now. Bhaiya ji scolds him and says I had doubt, you three will try to meet Suraj, Chakor would be glad to give me sleeping pill and make me sleep, I had my men outside Aazaadgunj, Suraj can go out of haveli, but not out of Aazaadgunj, Suraj will come back to me himself. Chakor says you will not be able to find him. He says no need to find, you will tell me, I will kill him, your shield is gone.

She says fine, find him, I will not tell anything. Vivaan and Imli say we will not say. Chakor says Suraj will go away from Aazaadgunj. He laughs on her to day dream. He asks are my men fools, you all see,
Suraj will be caught. He goes. They get worried. Vivaan and Imli tell plan to make men follow them and get tired, we are going to office and hospital. Chakor says fine, pretend like Bhaiya ji makes his men follow you. Bhaiya ji sees Vivaan and Imli leaving, and sends his men after them. Chakor prays for Suraj.

Ragini asks her men to find Suraj, check every car. The men check some car and Bhuvan’s house. They look in village homes. They don’t find Suraj. Bhaiya ji says the man says they got Suraj and is sending video. Bhaiya ji sees the video, where he can’t see Suraj’s face. He thinks its Suraj and shows video to Ragini. He says Suraj thinks Lord will save him in temple. She says I will try to bend Vivaan. He laughs and says I thought you forgot him. She says no, make Suraj bandhua, I will make Vivaan my servant, I laid trap for him, I m going to meet my man behind temple. He says its good, our way is same. They leave. Chakor looks on.

Bhaiya ji and Ragini reach temple. She asks him to see Suraj and she will go to decide Vivaan’s fate. Bhaiya ji sees a man and sings. He says I caught you and holds the man. He gets shocked seeing someone else. He gets a call from man. The man says I got Suraj. Bhaiya ji asks him to see if its Suraj, see face and tell me. The men check many guys dressed as Suraj, and inform Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji calls Ranjana. He asks Ranjana and asks him to check Suraj’s cupboard, is his jackets there. He scolds the man and sends him. Ranjana checks cupboard and says jackets are missing, whats the matter. He ends call.

Ragini goes to meet someone. Bhaiya ji calls her. She asks what, don’t worry, Suraj will not go anywhere, my work is done, I will meet you. She meets Pooja. Pooja says work will be done soon. Ragini says in your office party, I will ruin Vivaan. Bhaiya ji thinks of such place where his men won’t doubt. Chakor goes to stable and removes dry grass. Suraj comes out and sees her. Bhaiya ji says Chakor is very clever, Suraj is hiding in haveli, we are roaming outside like fools.

Suraj says why did you hide me in haveli, its bad to die like fools, its better to face Bhaiya ji. She asks him not to get angry, you would have died till now, there is no safer place, Bhaiya ji has sent his men to find out. He says let me pack my bags. She asks why, are you going on holidays, anyways I have given your jackets to others. He asks why, you know the jackets were costly. She says I had to do this to save your life, you want your cheap jackets. He says that were not cheap. She says be sorrowful for that later, you can get the jacket later, Bhaiya ji went to find out.

Bhaiya ji reaches home and asks his men to find Suraj. The men look for Suraj. Suraj’s servant informs Suraj and Chakor that Bhaiya ji’s men are coming to find him. Chakor asks Suraj to run away from this wall. Suraj says what, its too high. She asks servant to help him. Suraj asks Chakor to go fast. She says its not time to joke. He says I will not leave you alone to die here. She climbs the wall. Suraj and Chakor jump across the wall and leave. Suraj’s servant tells Bhaiya ji’s men that Suraj is not here. She says your car is there, your servant will take you there. Suraj’s servant says I got saved by difficulty. Suraj says there are goons near my car. Chakor says Bhaiya ji’s car can take you out of Aazaadgunj, listen to my plan now. She tells her plan. The men say Suraj is not here. Bhaiya ji sends them to find him. He says Chakor played bad game. Suraj was in haveli, I went from haveli and when I came back, she went with Suraj, she fooled me. He gets angry.

Chakor says Suraj I m sending you away, Bhaiya ji never reach you. She hugs him. Suraj leaves in a car. She cries. Bhaiya ji sees her…

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