Udaan 26th December 2016 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Imli telling Chakor that Bhaiya ji caught Suraj and locked him in haveli. Chakor asks Kasturi to let her go. Imli opens the door. Kasturi asks Chakor not to go, else bhaiya ji will catch her. Chakor says if I don’t save Suraj, he will die, forgive me, I have to go today, I want to save him, I will just come. Tejaswini asks Imli to take her to Suraj. She cries. Imli asks her to come.

Bhuvan prays for Chakor. Chakor recalls Suraj’s words and runs to the haveli. She thinks I can’t let anything happen to Suraj, Lord protect him. Bhaiya ji says Suraj will get stamped tomorrow. Ragini says why tomorrow, just hurry up, I want to see this today. He says I know you have all qualities, and less patience, I will drag Suraj to the village and I will punish him in front of Aazaadgunj
people, they will think if father punishes son, what will he do with others, I will not leave Suraj, then he will not bow high infront of me.

Chakor gets inside the haveli. She shouts Kamal Narayan. Bhaiya ji gets shocked seeing her. She asks about Suraj. She asks why did he catch Suraj when he has taken revenge from her. Ranjana makes Suraj’s bandhua stamp pic frame fall down. Bhaiya ji taunts Chakor that she is not marathon runner now, whatever I made you do was for today. Tejaswini and Imli come and look on. Bhaiya ji asks did you come to meet her husband, find him, go. Chakor calls out Suraj. She looks for him. She gets Suraj’s phone in room. Bhaiya ji laughs. Tejaswini begs him to leave Suraj.

She says I will stay here as servant, leave my son. Imli feels bad. She says I will not leave anyone. Bhaiya ji smiles. Chakor looks for Suraj. Bhaiya ji laughs and says I m trying to get you close to Suraj, you want me to leave him free. Tejaswini asks where is he. Chakor does not find Suraj and says where to find him. She checks storeroom and other rooms. Bhaiya ji kicks Tejaswini. Chakor comes and holds her. He tells Chakor’s fame power is finished now, I will kill Suraj, he is in haveli, but Chakor can’t find him, you accept failure soon, it will be good for you. I will give you one more chance, I like such animals who run faster than hunter, I will drag Suraj to village in morning and give him such teaching that world will shake, stop me if you can, then I will believe you won, else if you lose. He asks Chakor are you ready for this last game.

Chakor agrees. She says you ended my name, fame and power, but you forgot the power in courage can’t be ended, that power is alive within me. He laughs and says courage, it will break and come on my shoe like dirt in morning. He goes. Vivaan comes and hugs Imli. He asks Chakor are you fine, where is Suraj. Chagan told me everything, how to find Suraj. Chakor says we will find him, but he will not agree to run away. Tejaswini says you have to explain Suraj. Chakor says I have to take your pic with bleeding forehead. She takes Imli’s pic by spoiling her hair. Vivaan asks what are you doing. Chakor says I will tell later, I need your help, I have to save Suraj’s life. They all join hands. Imli says its not right if Tejaswini stays here. Vivaan says I will drop Tejaswini to village. Chakor says fine, I will find out Suraj.

Chakor makes a map on the soil. Suraj is lying unconscious on the ground in the bandhua stamp trunk room. Chakor gets some clue from the house map. Suraj wakes up and holds his head. He sees the room. Chakor says this can be that place, where Bhaiya ji tired me in childhood for two days, he may have tied Suraj here. Suraj checks the door. She sees the time and says I have much time to save Suraj and send him to safe place. She thinks to free Suraj from Bhaiya ji’s clutches any way.

Suraj says this bottle is enough to make it a weapon. He sees the trunk. Chakor enters the room and sees Bhaiya ji there. He aims gun at her. She gets shocked.

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