Udaan 25th March 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Imli applying color to Chakor. They all smile and are happy. Chakor says I will also apply and takes colors in hand. Imli stops her, and says I did big mistake. She runs. Chakor tells Kasturi that the day is not far when Imli will run away, but be happy we got colors in our life. Udaan hai….plays….

Suraj checks arrangements and asks the man about Imli. The man says she was here, she will come. Bhaiya ji asks Suraj to check everything, minister is coming. Suraj asks him to worry about Chakor. Bhaiya ji says there are many ways by which she can disqualify, she can get wounded, don’t worry. Suraj says great, anyways happy holi. They apply tilak to each other and hug.

Chakor tells Chagan that Imli applied her holi, I will change her completely. He says I trust you and they all play holi in village. Ranjana comes there to meet Chakor. Chakor asks Ranjana did you tell Bhaiya ji what Tejaswini is doing with Vivaan. Ranjana says no, just you can help him now. Chakor says you are his mum, can’t you do anything. Ranjana says I can’t say what Tejaswini is doing with me, I m helpless. Chakor says fine, I will do anything for Vivaan. Ranjana says I have a solution.

Bhaiya ji welcomes the minister and talks to him. The crowd gathers there. Chakor comes there and recalls. FB shows Ranjana giving medicine to Chakor, asking her to change with Tejaswini’s medicines which she gives to Vivaan, this will work good for Vivaan’s health and make him fine, I can do this, but minister is coming, I have to be with Kamal ji, you can do this work, you can save Vivaan. Chakor takes the box. FB ends.

Chakor thinks this is right time to enter haveli, no one will identity me. She hides and tries to enter haveli. She applies color on her face. Imli asks her to stop. She asks why did you come here. Chakor says I came to wish them holi. Imli asks her to leave. Suraj comes and asks Imli what are you doing, Chakor has come to wish us and dance with us, its wrong, its holi day. He throws colors on Chakor and she bends down. He asks why is she showing attitude and puts water on her. He stops her and does not let her go, saying this is just beginning.

Suraj takes Chakor and dances with her. She thinks to do this acting to go inside haveli. Nache madhubala….plays…… Imli looks on. Chakor dances on dhol beats. Suraj brings Imli. They dance, and Chakor silently leaves. She takes thandai glasses. Bhaiya ji talks to the minister. The minister asks about Chakor, is she from his area, this is matter of pride for you, how is her practice going on. Bhaiya ji says its going good. Minister says its imp that she takes part in this race, if she wins, our Pradesh and sports minister’s name will shine. Ranjana sees Chakor and smiles. She signs her to go.

Minister tells Bhaiya ji is very lucky. Bhaiya ji asks what. Minister likes thandai. Ranjana stops Tejaswini and asks her to sit, she will tell Girja. Chakor goes upstairs. Ranjana asks Girja to get thandai. Minister says Chakor is first girl of this state to reach national marathon, you will be allotted much fund on her name, its your duty that her practice is done well, she has to win, this is prestige issue for us. Bhaiya ji says don’t worry, I will not upset you. He says I have some work, I will just come. He goes upstairs. Ranjana thinks where is he going, if he sees Chakor….. Chakor gets the medicines and quickly changes the box. Ranjana stops Bhaiya ji and asks where is he going. He asks her to move off his way if she wants his good. Chakor comes out and Bhaiya ji turns. Chakor hides. Ranjana gets tensed.

Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that if she loses in national marathon, then Imli will get free. She gets shocked..

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