Udaan 21st December 2016 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji getting Ragini to room. Suraj and Imli hide. Bhaiya ji asks why are you angry. Ragini asks what are you doing with Suraj, what do you want. Bhaiya ji says calm down, your anger will burn you. Suraj thinks to leave and signs Imli. They leave. Bhaiya ji tells his plan to do drama of helping Chakor, I will not leave Chakor, she will die this evening. Ragini says I m waiting for the evening. Power goes. Chakor goes downstairs and calls out Imli, Suraj and others. She sees someone coming and asks who is there. Imli, Vivaan and Suraj come with knife and cake. They all say surprise. The lights come. Chakor sees everyone and her parents. She smiles by the surprise decorations and arrangement.

She hugs Kasturi and Bhuvan. Kasturi says we were sure you can’t do anything
wrong. Bhuvan blesses her. Chakor hugs Imli. Imli says Suraj and Vivaan did all this. Vivaan says no, Suraj did everything, I just helped him. Chakor asks but why. Suraj says you got your wings back, you can fly, you can take part in races. She says so you called my parents here. He says you can win many races and earn name now, your wings can never get cut, Chakor has to take flight, even small party is necessary, come cut cake. Chakor thanks him. She cuts cake and feeds everyone. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai….plays……

Imli says Suraj, my sister is happy because of you. Suraj says she is your sister later, she is my wife first. They all smile. Chakor sees Suraj. Suraj says I have a gift for you. She says this was not needed. He asks her to see it. Chakor opens the gift. She sees a jacket. Suraj says I made this on special order, you will wear this when you go on practice. She smiles and says how will that guy make jacket for girls. He asks did you not like this. She says its too big, how will I wear this. He says so you did not like this, I thought you will like it. Chakor and everyone laugh. Suraj says its fine, you atleast got a smile on face, its enough for me.

Bhaiya ji, Ranjana and Ragini come. Bhaiya ji claps and says you guys are celebrating, oh Bhuvan and Kasturi are also here, its right time to say. Chakor I told media, I was right, the truth is you took drugs. Chakor says I did not take drugs before any race. He says yes, I gave you drugs when you were leaving for race. FB shows Bhaiya ji sending Bijli to get water for him. He adds drugs in the juice glass kept for Chakor. Bijli gets water for him. He asks her to take juice for Chakor. Bijli takes that glass and goes. FB ends.

Chakor and everyone get shocked. Suraj gets angry. Chakor stops him. Bhaiya ji calls him wife’s puppet and asks him to control anger. Suraj asks what do you want, why did you clear blame on her name. Bhaiya ji says the reason is there, you should praise my smartness, I will get permanent ban on Chakor and I cleared my name. Suraj gets angry. Chakor reminds he told media about the right report. He says fine, I will call media conference, you have to announce that you are taking retirement from marathon race. They get shocked.

Chakor says no one can stop me from running, I will not be scared, don’t think so, I will not make any such announcement, I think you got mad. Ragini asks her to talk with manners. Bhaiya ji says Chakor if you don’t do this, I have your original blood report, I will tell world that you fooled world and even me, I will get sympathy and you will lose name, it can be police case also. She thinks does he really mean to do so. He asks her to take retirement. She says I m innocent, I did not change any reports.

Suraj says don’t threaten us. Bhaiya ji says fine, I will say I support truth always, when I got to know Chakor takes drugs, I m showing original reports, I will ask them to take tests again, I gave you that drug, it was of high dose, it will be in your blood even now, what will you do now. She gets shocked. He asks her to decide, defamation or retirement. He bursts a balloon and smiles.

He says Chakor’s fate is like this balloon, it can burst anytime. Suraj says stop your nonsense, you are playing game with Chakor, enough now, I will not leave you, I will kill you. They all ask Suraj to leave him. Suraj holds Bhaiya ji’s neck. Chakor shouts leave him, else I will call media and announce retirement. Suraj leaves him and looks at Chakor.

Suraj asks Chakor not to see his face, but check the papers once, you will take retirement, its good way for you. She says Bhaiya ji will kill you if I leave sports world. He says its time to think for yourself, not me.

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