Udaan 19th December 2016 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor to come to room and sleep. She cries and says I know why Vivaan left me. Suraj recalls his words to Chakor. He says I told all that as I was drunk and angry. She says today I m angry. He holds her. She says see I m drunk also. She cries and says I want to cry today, I want to speak out my heart. He says fine, I m there, tell me, I m listening. She hugs him and cries. She says Vivaan left me as I m not like Imli or other girls, I can’t become good wife and good bahu. Suraj says its nonsense, those girls will say they want to become like Chakor, Imli was jealous of you. She says lie, I was jealous of Imli, I could not become like her, Vivaan and you loved Imli, no one liked me, no one cared for me, everyone likes simple girls like Imli, who will like me, who
wants to fly in sky, you would be sad to get me in your fate, but I like to fight with you. She hugs him.

She says atleast while fighting, you pay attention to me, I don’t like silent home. She falls asleep. He holds her and sees she slept. He lifts her. She says shall I say something. He says yes. She says I…. He asks what. He takes her to room and makes her rest on the bed. She holds his hand and stops him. He sits by her side. He recalls her words and says Vivaan is unlucky, he thinks he got Imli, truth is he lost you, I have hurt you a lot Chakor, but I know you hate me a lot, even then you did a lot to save my life, I think if you can do this with one you hate, what will you do for one you love, and guys never like simple girls, some guys like girls like you too. He smiles and holds her face.

He says I never said before because of my self esteem, I will say now, I m sorry Chakor. He goes to sleep. Chakor opens eyes and smiles seeing him.

Its morning, Chakor wakes up and holds head. She says did Suraj add sleeping pill in the juice. Vivaan tells Imli that media has come to take to Chakor, I can’t stop them. Imli says this had to happen, don’t know Chakor is in that state to give interview or not. Vivaan says I will not go office. Imli says you go, I will manage, I wish Suraj was here. Suraj comes and says I m here. Suraj goes to Chakor and holds her hand asking her to come. She asks where. He says media has come, they want to meet you. She thinks of media.

She says I will not go, what will I tell them, you tell them I m unwell. He says no use to hide in room, you are true, then say truth, it dies not matter if they don’t believe, come. She says don’t take me. Suraj takes her and tells Chakor’s victorious records in marathons across many cities. He says Chakor has great records, she has won many races, even when she had no shoes and did not get water to drink, its shame that she is blamed of drugs, its insult of sports association. Bhaiya ji says Suraj is right, all blames on Chakor is wrong, she never took drugs. The man says maybe she has won always by drugs.

Bhaiya ji asks what nonsense, you have to prove truth, did you find out about drug report. Chakor and Suraj get surprised seeing him defending Chakor. Bhaiya ji says the reports submitted to sports commission is not of Chakor. They all get shocked. He shows the real reports and says its all negative, see these reports, Chakor is country’s pride, are you blaming Chakor, check the reports. Chakor and Suraj also check reports.

He asks media to leave and not trouble Suraj and Chakor. Reporters apologize and call Chakor lucky girl to get loving father in law. Media leaves. Chakor asks whats your new game, why are you doing this. Ragini says what happened to Papa. Ranjana says he has left a good chance. Imli says its his plan to help you. Suraj thinks why will Bhaiya ji help Chakor, there is a plan. Chakor thinks of Bhaiya ji’s past deeds and thinks its his big plan, I should not trust him.

Bhaiya ji says this is beginning of my game. Suraj asks what do you mean. Bhaiya ji says I don’t forget and forgive anyone. Chakor says these reports are real ones, Bhaiya ji is playing a game with us.

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