Udaan 18th January 2017 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Imli telling Chakor about Pooja blaming Vivaan for molestation. Chakor gets shocked and asks what. Imli cries and says I don’t know what to do, Vivaan can’t do this. Chakor hugs and calms her down. She asks her to stop crying, come with me to room, tell me everything. Ragini looks on and smiles. They go. Ragini says its so much fun to see this, both of my brothers are trapped, my Bhabhis are worried for them, so Chakor tried to open this carton, we have written this in her fate, she will know it tomorrow. She asks men to do their work, all things should be there before Papa wakes up in morning.

Suraj sees servant drinking water. He says don’t give water, Bhaiya ji thinks I will break, tell me I won’t break by hunger and thirst. He asks for water, then you can go and
sleep. He says fine, don’t give me water, stay awake. The men get the items there. They burn coal and make smoke. Suraj starts coughing and asks why did you make smoke here. He asks for water. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana look on. He laughs and says Ragini made men work on right time, see how Suraj is asking for water, I will not give him water. Suraj shouts for water. He sees a bottle away and could not reach. He sits the pole by axe and shouts for water. He falls.

Imli cries. Chakor consoles her and says I m with you, don’t be scared. Imli says Vivaan is in jail. I told him not to trust Pooja, fire her from job, he did not listen. Chakor asks what does Pooja want, she would be blackmailing him for money, we know Vivaan is innocent, we will save him, don’t worry, I m with Vivaan. Imli says I m very scared, Suraj became bandhua and Vivaan is locked in jail, don’t know why is this happening, Lord is angry on us. Chakor says no, don’t think much, sleep, we will go and free Vivaan on bail in morning. She sings lullaby and makes Imli sleep.

Chakor cries. Imli sleeps. Chakor leaves. She hears Suraj shouting and asking for water. She runs to Suraj and sees the smoke. She says what can I do, the goons are standing there, I have to move them away. She gets a gun and a tablet. She hides and shoots in air. The goons go. She goes to Suraj. Suraj asks for water. She says I can’t get water. He asks why, I want water. She stops him from shouting and asks him to calm down. She makes him eat the sleeping tablet and thinks this tablet will make him sleep peacefully, and thirst hunger won’t trouble him now.

Bhaiya ji scolds goons and says Chakor shot in air so that she can go to Suraj. The men run and see Chakor with Suraj. Bhaiya ji comes there. He kicks Suraj and says Suraj will get water at noon.

Its morning, Imli and Vivaan talk to inspector. Vivaan gets bail. Inspector asks him not to go out of city. Vivaan says I m innocent, I will not run away. He thanks lawyer. Lawyer says thank Chakor, she called me and sent me here, why did Pooja do this. Imli says we have to find out. Vivaan says its imp. Imli thinks to find why did this happen and promises to not leave Pooja.

Bhaiya ji and Ragini come to Suraj and wake him up. Suraj coughs. He gets angry and holds Bhaiya ji’s neck asking for water. Ragini pushes him and scolds. Chakor comes and asks Ragini how can you do this, Bhaiya ji said Suraj will give water at noon, now give him water. Bhaiya ji says have patience bahurani, there is one hour left. The men get boxes. Chakor asks what’s in this. She checks. Bhaiya ji asks the men to join machine. He asks Chakor to wait. Suraj asks for water.

Bhaiya ji shows water to Suraj and drinks. Chakor goes to Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji tells that machine is to get oil, bull runs the machine, now you have to run this motor, once you reach high speed level and you will get water, which Suraj can drink. Suraj asks why are you punishing Chakor, punish me. Bhaiya ji says I m helping you get water. He says sorry Chakor, I stopped you from running in marathon, think you are running marathon here. He laughs. He asks her to run faster, now Suraj’s life is in your feet. Suraj says no Chakor, you don’t need to run. Chakor says I accept, Suraj don’t worry for me. Bhaiya ji asks Ragini to tell time. He says you lost 10mins from two hours, start running. Chakor holds the motor stick and runs. Bhaiya ji asks her to run faster. She says I m running fast, the water is not coming. He says run faster.

Chakor says you did something to machine. Bhaiya ji says its my game and my rules. Ranjana and Bhaiya ji stop Vivaan from entering haveli and scold him. Imli says I trust my Vivaan, I will see who stops him from entering haveli.

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