Udaan 17th January 2017 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Raunak scolding Vivaan for trying to rape Pooja and acting innocent. Vivaan gets shocked and says I went to washroom hearing her scream, tell them Pooja. Pooja says Vivaan lied to me and took me there, he tried to…. Vivaan asks what nonsense, I went there to find him. The man says I have seen Vivaan coming out of ladies washroom. Vivaan says I did not do this Raunak. Raunak says police will decide what’s true and what’s not, we called police, you won’t go anywhere, you can’t call anyone.

Chakor runs to Bhaiya ji. He says food is tasty, heart is calm when stomach is full, what happened, could you not give food to Suraj. She asks how can you do this with your son. He says he lost son’s right when he planned to get me killed, you are showing loyalty towards fake
husband, but till my bandhuas don’t get anything, till they pay price. She asks what price should Suraj give. He says I will tell tomorrow. She says Suraj is hungry. He says let me be hungry, don’t irritate me, else I will not give anything to him. She goes angrily.

Ragini says all things which you wanted has come, I have a good news, Vivaan got trapped in our plan. Bhaiya ji says great, you failed both brothers, just Chakor is left, you wanted revenge from her also, she has troubled you a lot, you lost because of her. Ragini recalls the past. Bhaiya ji says I got this machine for Chakor, this machine will punish her. She asks machine. He says yes, this will affect both Suraj and Chakor. Ragini praises him. Chakor looks on and thinks they are planning to punish me, I have to find out. He sees Chakor hiding and smiles.

He sits talking to Ragini. Ragini says see how Imli runs to save Vivaan. Imli runs. Chakor stops her. Imli says I m going to police station, Vivaan got arrested. Chakor asks why. Imli says don’t know, I have to find out. Chakor says I will come along. Imli asks her to stay in haveli, Suraj needs her. Chakor prays for Vivaan. Bhaiya ji and Ragini see Imli running out and laugh. Ragini says see how she is running to save her husband, she can’t save him. He laughs.

Imli asks inspector about Vivaan. She says I want to meet my husband. He says you can’t meet him, go and sit there, are you Vivaan’s wife. She says yes. He says sit, I need to ask something. She says I don’t know why he is arrested. He says your husband is blamed for raping his secretary. She gets shocked and asks what are you saying. He says victim complaint and has proof against your husband, its tough for him to get saved,

Servant stops Chakor from meeting Suraj. Chakor says fine, I will talk to him from here. She calls out Suraj. Imli meets Vivaan and hugs him. She asks how did this happen. He asks her to trust him, he is innocent. She says I told you to fire Pooja from job, you did not listen to me, tell me what happened. He tells her everything and says Pooja lied to everyone that I molested her.

Suraj asks Chakor are you fine. Chakor says I have to tell you, Bhaiya ji stopped your food and water and decided to punish me. Suraj says no, he can’t punish you, run away from here, he can’t do anything to me, he wants me to die. She says I will not leave you, you can’t stay without water. He says its winter days, I will not die if I don’t drink water, you leave from here. Bhaiya ji and Ragini hear them.

Imli says inspector said they have proof against you. Vivaan says I don’t know what proof they have, I did not do anything, you trust me right. Inspector calls him for statement. Imli says let me talk to him for more 2 mins. Inspector says he will go jail now. Vivaan asks her to go home and talk to Chakor, take lawyer’s help. She asks him to take care and leaves.

Inspector asks Vivaan to say. Vivaan says Pooja is educated, so I hired her. Inspector says she did not pass even 10th, maybe her papers were fake or you are lying to us. Vivaan gets shocked. Inspector shows Pooja and her pics, and says we got this from your drawer. Vivaan says I did not click the pics, I don’t know. Inspector asks who is this guy. Vivaan recalls and says he is Pooja’s ex husband, he used to trouble her. Inspector says he is her current husband, they stay together. Vivaan gets shocked.

Inspector says he said he has seen you teasing Pooja, you have beaten him in office. Vivaan says he is lying, he came to take money from her. Inspector asks why did you interfere in their matter. Vivaan says I was saving Pooja, someone is framing me. Inspector says why will he frame you, what did you do with them, all proof and statement are against you, its tough for you to get saved.

Bhaiya ji says we have to do something. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji not to give food, but atleast give warm clothes, its winter season. Ragini jokes and laughs. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to take sweater. Ragini asks what’s this. He says I thought well, see what happens next.

Its night, Chakor recalls Bhaiya ji’s words and checks the boxes. Imli comes to Chakor and cries. Chakor asks where is Vivaan. Imli says police caught Vivaan, its such a bad blame, I can’t even imagine that. Chakor asks what happened. Imli says Pooja blamed Vivaan for molestation. Chakor gets shocked.

Bhaiya ji says when this pump rotates, water will come out, Suraj can drink that water. Chakor runs to start the pump and get water for Suraj.

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