Udaan 16th January 2017 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Suraj taken to the stable and tied to the pole. Bhaiya ji and Ragini look on. Chakor looks around and thinks how will Suraj stay here. Suraj recalls seeing the chain and says this was going on since long, you can’t keep me as bandhua for long. Bhaiya ji says I want the same, maybe you die tomorrow, this is start of your bandhua life. He laughs. Suraj says laugh, you think this chain and sign, stamp will make me slave. Bhaiya ji says I have spent nights on jail’s cold ground, you will realize it now, when you sleep here in stable.

Ragini sees Chakor and says she is here. Chakor says I will find some way to meet Suraj always, is Bhaiya ji worried that I can make Suraj run away. Ragini scolds her. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to meet her fake husband. Ragini says Chakor will try
to make Suraj run. Bhaiya ji says she will not succeed, when her hope ends, it will be fine, if you give food, water or cloth to Suraj, I will not let you come in haveli. Chakor asks what do you mean. He says Suraj is bandhua, did you forget bandhua life, bandhua just thinks of owner’s happiness, go. They leave.

Chakor cries and says what did this happen Suraj. He wipes her tears and says I m alive, is this less. She says is bandhua’s life good. He says I m not going to stay here forever, Bhaiya ji took my sign and stamped bandhua sign, it does not mean I m his bandhua, stop helping me, its risky for your life. She says even when danger was there, I did not leave support to villagers, you are my…. He looks at her. She says you are a bandhua, I will not leave you. He says no, I know my devil father tried to kill you by bomb, I was shocked, if anything happened to you then…. She says nothing happened, I m standing in front of you. He asks her to stop herogiri. She says you don’t know how much hurt I m seeing you. She holds his hand and cries. She says I got this sign when I was very young. He says if I was good that time, I would have not let this stamp get on your hand. She smiles and says we are kids, Maai says I was just 3 day old then this stamp was applied to my hand. He says good we were kids, else this sin would have come on my head. They have an eyelock. An axe is seen lying around.

Pooja stops Vivaan and says I will go washroom and come. She tears her sleeves. Chakor tells Imli that I have to stay in haveli for protecting Suraj, Bhaiya ji played big game, he wanted to make him bandhua, its my life’s biggest failure today. She cries and says I lost, why did I not think Bhaiya ji can do anything. She hugs Imli and cries. Imli cries and says there will be some way, you will bring Suraj out of this bandhua life. Chakor says you know the life of bandhua, it means death. Chakor rests in her lap. They cry.

Imli calls Vivaan and tells Bhaiya ji has nearly killed Suraj by making him bandhua forever. Vivaan says what, he made his son a bandhua, I m helpless and can’t do anything. She asks him not to do anything in anger and not forget aim. He says yes, Bhaiya ji will get punished. She says yes, he will be surely punished. He says I signed big deal, everyone praised me, our dream will be fulfilled. She says I m glad to hear some good news today. Pooja shouts for help. Vivaan says I will call you later Imli and ends call. He asks Pooja are you fine, open the door. She opens the door. He gets inside washroom. She goes out crying. A man sees her. Vivaan says where did she go and looks outside. The man asks Vivaan what was he doing in ladies bathroom.

Suraj says I will run away and hits chain with the axe. Bhaiya ji, Ragini and Ranjana see him. Bhaiya ji says once he is not given food, he will not do this. They see Chakor taking food for Suraj. Ragini says Chakor is taking food for Suraj, I will not leave her. He says my men will manage, don’t worry, see what I do now.

Chakor takes food for Suraj and says Bhaiya ji would hear the sound, stop breaking chain, have food first. He asks why are you taking risk for me, I don’t want to fall in problem. She says its happening since childhood, I can fight with him for saving your life, I can do this to feed you, sit down, have food. Servant throws food. Suraj scolds him. Servant taunts him. Suraj says don’t worry Chakor, I will not die by hunger. Servant says Bhaiya ji asked Chakor not to come here, go from here. Chakor goes.

Vivaan asks Raunak about Pooja, I have to go haveli, there is emergency. Raunak says now you will remember home after doing this. Vivaan asks what did I do. He gets shocked seeing Pooja crying. He says you are here and I was finding you, who did this with you. Raunak says stop this drama, you are a cheap man, you tried to rape your secretary and acting innocent now. Vivaan gets shocked.

Pooja says Vivaan lied to me and took me to ladies washroom. Inspector says all proof is against you. Imli tells Chakor about Vivaan’s arrest and rushes. Chakor gets shocked. Vivaan is put in lockup.

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