Udaan 16th December 2016 Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Tejaswini saying Bhaiya ji has done all this. Suraj thanks everyone for believing Chakor, I will take Chakor home now. Tejaswini says no, you go anywhere far, don’t go haveli. Suraj says what are you saying, Chakor always helped me, she needs me now, I will not leave her. They all smile. Suraj gives hand to Chakor. She holds his hand and they get leaving. Kasturi asks Chakor to take care. Chakor comes haveli. She recalls the media questions and whatever happened. She sits crying. Suraj comes there with food.

Chakor asks him to go, I can’t save you now, media is standing against me, I lost the media power, I can’t be your shield now, go from here before Bhaiya ji does something. She cries. He makes her sit. He says you will get freedom by my wish and jokes. He says
we will face this probem together, I m with you, have food now. You are tired and need sleep. She says I will not get sleep, my hunger died, you have food, don’t drink wine. He says fine, but you have food. She says I want some peace, leave me alone. He says I m also not hungry, we will have a glass of juice and then sleep. She nods. He thinks to make her drink wine so that she can sleep. He says we both need it.

Bilji tells Imli that Suraj changed a lot, he takes care of Chakor. They talk about Swabhimaan show. Suraj gets wine and says juice is here, have it. Chakor and Suraj drink. She asks why does it look different, did it get bad. He says no, your mood is bad, have it. She finishes and asks for more. He asks more, and goes to get. She cries. He goes and gets some more wine. He thinks she has to sleep, else she will get ill. She finishes the glass and asks for more. He asks more and worries. He says juice ended. She asks how, I want more, please. He asks her to sleep more. He goes to get blanket and sees Chakor gone. He does not find bottle. He looks for Chakor.

He sees Chakor holding the pole and drinking. He says she will take my class in morning. He asks her to come down. She says its good juice Suraj. He asks for bottle. She asks him to dance with her. He says no dance. She dances. Banke titli…..plays…..She says shall I say something. He says yes. She says nothing and laughs. She says I always scolded you that you drink a lot, you can scold me now. She says sports commission has proof, they blamed me, I have never taken drugs, everything got over. I have no aim to live now, all my aims are snatched now, I got banned for no fault. She gets sad. She laughs and asks can’t you manage me. He says you don’t need anyone to manage you, you manage others, you are not ordinary girl. He encourages her. She teases him and laughs.

She says you changed Suraj. He asks did I change. She nods. He says I m same. She says no, you are upset by the blame on me, you and Bhaiya ji added drugs in my energy drinks once. Suraj recalls. She says Suraj, you should not break anyone’s dreams. He says Chakor, it was all old things, forget it. She holds him and says I forgot, the way you supported me, that reminded me you changed a lot, and I like this changed Suraj. She smiles. Music plays…. He looks at her. She asks him to promise that he will never change, he will always share sorrow and love and support her. He asks will we really get separated. She looks at him.

Bhaiya ji says the reports are not of Chakor, this is Chakor’s real reports, its all negative, check this. He shows the reports to media and proves Chakor innocent. Suraj thinks why will Bhaiya ji help Chakor. Imli tells Chakor that this is some plan of Bhaiya ji.

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