Udaan 14th December 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor how does she like the image seen in mirror, I m joking, I can’t stay with a girl like you for even 7 days. She says really, even I don’t want to stay with you, I m happy, I m not scared of anyone. She goes to room. Suraj goes and scares her by making animal sound. She gets scared and runs to hug him. She says I think there is wild animal around, I m scared, how will I sleep alone. He says I m with you. She takes him and asks him to sleep. She shuts door. They sleep away.

Its morning, Suraj wakes up and finds Chakor holding him and sleeping. He makes her hand away and goes. She wakes up. He comes and greets her good morning. He gets tea for her and asks her to get ready, Kaka is making arrangements for our departure. She thanks him and says I had good
sleep after long time. He says yes, no fears, such peace and happiness. She says same. He says I wish this night never ended.

The lamp falls and breaks. She says I think sports commission did not call me to give any good news. He asks her not to talk like illiterate bandhua. She says I m not bandhua, I m marathon runner, I have to be same for Aazaadgunj and your life. The man asks them to come. Suraj asks her to get ready. Vivaan is leaving for meeting. He calls out Imli. He gets the file. Imli comes wearing jeans and top, like Pooja. Vivaan does not see her and goes. She says he did not see what I have worn today. She smiles and says I m looking good.

Bhaiya ji asks what, Chakor was not in bus, find her, where is she, you all are useless. He scolds his men. Ranjana asks what happened. He says Chakor is not in bus, she has to meet sports commission, then she will be ruined, but where did she go. Chakor and Suraj arrive in sports commission office. She says I feel scared Suraj, why are you coming. He says I m coming with you, there can be danger inside, Bhaiya ji’s men can be anywhere. She says its sports commission office, none can do anything. Guard stops them and says one who has email or letter can go. Chakor introduces herself and goes. Suraj calls her out and says I will wait here, just call me if anything wrong happens. She says don’t know what is going to happen there, I feel scared.

Imli comes to Vivaan’s office. She calls Chakor. She wishes Chakor is fine. Pooja sees Imli and greets her. Imli says you would identify me now. Peon says Imli took Pooja’s words seriously and laughs. Imli asks Pooja can I meet my husband. Pooja says yes, I m sorry. Imli goes to meet Vivaan. He is on call. She hugs him. He says this is office, what will anyone think. She says let them see. He does not see her. Pooja comes with flowers. Imli asks what happened that you got flowers for him. Pooja says no, this is for you, forgive me. Imli thanks her. Pooja thanks her and praises her. She goes. Imli dumps flowers on table.

Chakor meets sports commission officers. She asks why did you call me early. The man says there is something imp, its drugs test reports, I regret to say, you failed in this test. She gets shocked. He says your blood had drugs quantity in high amounts. She checks reports and says I never used drugs, this is wrong. The man says I know Chakor, so we did your blood test twice, I felt report has fault, sorry to say it was not like that, second report is also positive, we did not think you will do this, we thought you will got gold medal and make country name shine. She says trust me, I did not take drugs. The man says sorry, we trust the reports, we did not wish you to lose name, so we called you here. She says trust me please, I did not take drugs, give me a chance to prove innocence. He says sorry, we can’t go against our rules, you can’t take part in sports activity for 3 years, your career will end. She cries.

Suraj says I m worried for Chakor, is this place safe. Guard says you can’t go there, the office is safe. Chakor says I did not do anything. The man says maybe its mistake by you, you ate something by mistake, we are sorry. She sits crying.

Media asks Chakor since when is she taking drugs, did she find easy way to win. Chakor says Suraj, Bhaiya ji won and ended me, he broke your shield, he will kill you now, I can’t save you.

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